Palworld dev finally responds to huge issue that needs updates to fix

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It’s been nearly a week since Pocketpair released an update for Palworld. It’s only natural that fans are wondering when the next patch will be delivered as before they were coming out on an almost daily basis. While Pocketpair hasn’t revealed when the next patch is bound, a developer has at least responded to a huge Palworld issue that needs updates to fix.

Pocketpair has done a good job communicating with the community since the launch of early access. They have reassured fans worrying about the game dying due to the extreme server costs, and they have also shared how many more bosses are currently in development as part of the roadmap leading up to the eventual release of version 1.0.

Now, in another important update, a developer at Pocketpair has responded to a massive recurring complaint from fans. One of the biggest issues with Palworld involves cheaters and security, and the Japanese studio has assured fans that fixes and countermeasures are on the way.

Palworld developer responds to massive fan complaint

A developer at Palworld studio Pocketpair, Chujo Hiroto, has responded to the recurring fan complaints about cheaters. Chujo Hiroto is a lead network engineer for the game and he has told fans on Twitter that the Japanese studio has received the opinion that there are ‘too many cheaters’ ruining the experience.

While specifics about how the issue will be fixed haven’t been provided, a translation of Chujo Hiroto’s tweet from February 12th says Pocketpair is ‘currently listing each “vulnerability” that allows cheats to be exploited, and are taking countermeasures on a daily basis’.

Pocketpair ‘would like to announce the specific details of future security measures, but it may actually have the opposite effect if the information is communicated to attackers’. The developer apologizes for any inconvenience, but assures fans that Pocketpair is ‘currently dealing with each issue one by one’.

Image credit: @chujohiroto

The response is good news for fans. It reassures us all that Pocketpair is aware of the problem, and it tells us that numerous fixes are on the way. While we don’t know exactly when more anti-cheat measures will be introduced, we can expect the next update to be delivered soon as it’s been almost a week since the patch notes were shared for updates 0.1.4 and on Steam and Xbox.

You can keep up-to-date with Pocketpair by following their official Discord channel as well as Palworld_EN and Palworld_JP on Twitter. Furthermore, you can also follow Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe on Twitter along with Chujo Hiroto. 

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Palworld is available on Steam, Xbox, and Game Pass. Pocketpair has warned about downloading anything claiming to be related to the game on iOS and Android.