Palworld: Best Pals For Cooling

Staying cool in Palworld is important for players who wish to avoid heat stroke and passing out from the hot summer’s sun. With a volcano area in play, knowing which Pals can provide some cooling-off is essential for survival. There also may come a time when a player is hit with a Fire-type attack, which will leave them engulfed in flames for a brief period of time, losing HP every second.

On the bright side, Palworld offers many possibilities for adding Pals to the team that can offer this. The Cooling skill is one that players can expect from Ice-type Pals, although there is a limited selection with only 18 available. Finding one is possible early in the game, and later Ice-type Pals offer players a higher level of Cooling that is sure to make walking around a volcano feel like spring.


Palworld: All Village and Town Locations

Here, you’ll find all village and town locations in Palworld where you can trade with merchants, exchange Pals, and find a Black Marketeer.

6 Pengullet

The Ice and Water Penguin


Roaming the coasts of each region, players are likely to run into Pengullet as their first encounter of an Ice type. These cute little critters pack a combination of the Ice and Water types, making them efficient in many ways back at the base. They also possess a unique Partner Skill, where they turn themselves into a projectile and launch at an enemy, sacrificing their own HP to cause maximum damage.

Early on, Pengullet will serve as an excellent worker to kickstart any base, as it covers a couple of key areas. In addition to its Level 1 Cooling, Pengullet can also water crops, help build structures, and will carry stock to storage chests. Throwing out a few of them will ensure materials aren’t left lying around. They’ll also keep an eye on any seeds that need to be watered, providing a steady flow of red berries and wheat.

5 Chillet

The Chill Ice Weasel

Player riding Chillet

Chillet will likely be the player’s first Frozen Egg hatch in Palworld, especially if it’s one of the regular-sized variations. It also appears to the south of the Fort Ruins Fast Travel spot, where it will have an Alpha Pal tag and be tougher to take down. These larger versions drop Ancient Civilization Parts, and offer the player Ancient Technology Points, so take them down first and then let it re-spawn later to catch one.


Palworld: How To Teach Pals New Skills

Each Pal in Palworld comes with a different skill set, and players can use the two methods to teach them a new skill.

They’re good at two areas: Cooling and Gathering, which are perfect for keeping the player at a good temperature while entering the volcano area, or to assist with the harvesting of crops back at home. Chillet has a saddle to unlock at Player Level 13, which makes it the perfect companion for traveling on a hot day. As an extra benefit, any Dragon-type attack will be boosted when the player is mounted.

4 Penking

The Coolest Pirate Across The Seas

Palworld: How to Find and Catch Penking

The first step-up comes with Penking, who offers a Level 2 Cooling and covers a variety of different tasks. Penking has an Alpha Boss form found in the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings, and is at Level 15. It also spawns at the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary, and can be hatched from Frozen Eggs.

Penking also possesses Level 2 Handiwork, Transporting, Watering, and Mining, making it extremely resourceful and a Pal worth keeping at the base. Breeding it with other Pals can give players a chance to hatch rare Pals, such as Wumpo Botan, Blazehowl, and Kingpaca. Thanks to how easy it is to add Penking to the team, there should be no reason to not have this Pal on hand for work, especially in the early game.

3 Foxcicle

When Beauty And Ice Combine

foxcicle palworld

In the snowy region closer to the middle of the map, players can run into Foxcicle, a beautiful Ice-type fox that can help bring down the temperatures with its Level 2 Cooling. Foxcicle’s Partner Skill, Aurora Guide, is beneficial to Ice-type allies, as it boosts the elemental attacks of everyone on the team. Paired with a powerful Ice Pal, it will leave enemies frozen in fear.

Unfortunately, Cooling is Foxicile’s only Work Suitability, which means it’s rather useless outside of keeping players from burning alive. Its partner skill gives it slightly more utility, but keeping it at the base should be a last resort. It’s on the easier end to catch, which for a Level 2 Cooling Pal, is good enough to consider.

2 Cryolinx

Creatures With Ice-Cold Expressions


The next increase in this task is the Level 3 Cooling group, which consists of just three Pals. One of those is Cryolinx, the most common of the trio. This Pal doesn’t need to rely on the roulette wheel of breeding, nor does it task the player with taking down an Alpha Boss. Cryolinx can be found in the snowy mountainside to the north and is easy to spot due to its size.


Palworld: How to Give Pals Medicine

Life in Palworld may be unforgiving at times, but there are plenty of ways to keep both player and Pals healthy and safe for the next fight.

Cryolinx also has Level 2 Lumbering and Level 1 Handiwork, and is a force on the battlefield. It boasts a strong attack stat and devastating Ice-type moves, plus it can do massive damage if paired with a Foxcicle, which boosts the element’s attack strength. Cryolinx is also an excellent breeding partner to obtain powerful Pals such as Jormuntide, Reptyro, and Suzaku, who all come with their own great Work Suitability traits.

1 Frostallion

The Ruler Of Ice

Frostallion from Palworld

Frostallion is the absolute cream of the crop for Ice types, and the only one of its element with Level 4 Cooling. This Legendary Pal is found in the northwest portion of the snowy mountain region, and spawns at Level 50. Players need to travel to the east of the Land of Absolute Zero waypoint, and use the coordinates -357, 508. Be prepared, as this fight isn’t for the weak at heart.

Frostallion can’t be bred, nor caught anywhere else, so this Legendary battle is one of the biggest tests in Palworld. It only comes with Level 4 Cooling as Work Suitability, but its unmatched power and ability to breed other high-powered Pals makes it a must-have. Frostallion also makes traveling around hot locations like the volcano region a simple task, where there is no worry about ever suffering from burns.


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