Palia: Best Glow Worm Foods


  • The Apple is the best single ingredient for SpeedyGro Fertilizer, offering 12 fertilizers and 2 Glow Worms when grown and immediately offered.
  • The Potato is the best single ingredient for HarvestBoost Fertilizer, giving players 9 fertilizers and 1 Glow Worm without the need to cook.
  • The Poke Bowl is the best recipe for the most Glow Worms, providing 7 Glow Worms and 35 HarvestBoost Fertilizer, although it was an exclusive recipe available for a limited time.

The benefit of a Glow Worm in Palia is the ability to catch many rare and epic fish throughout the village. Since they’re costly to purchase from Einar and require level 10 in fishing, many take to using a Glow Worm Farm to get them. But the Farm requires work and the Worms need to be fed.

There are three main resources one can hope to get out of their Glow Worm Farm, SpeedyGro Fertilizer, HarvestBoost Fertilizer, and of course, the Glow Worms themselves. To get the most out of the Worm Farm in any of these categories, these are the best foods to offer up.

5 Apple

The Best Single Ingredient for SpeedyGro Fertilizer

While the Apple doesn’t give many Glow Worms (only 2 per Apple), it offers 12 SpeedyGro Fertilizers without making anything and gives two Glow Worms to boot. This is a great, low-effort food that can be grown and then immediately offered assuming Apple Seeds have been acquired. Apples take 12 days to harvest the first time, then they can be harvested three more times from the same tree with 6 days between each harvest. Apple Seeds can be acquired from Zeki’s Wondrous Machine and Nai’o and Zeki will both give Apple Seeds after their level 3 relationship quests.


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The SpeedyGro Fertilizer will add an extra day of growth every two days to any crop it is applied to. This means harvest time for crops won’t be as long, helping players get ingredients sooner. For those wanting the Fertilizer more than the Worms, this is a very practical option. However, if Glow Worms are the goal, keep reading.

4 Potato

Best Single Ingredient for HarvestBoost Fertilizer


Similar to the Apple, this is an ingredient that doesn’t have to be cooked into anything to offer a good amount of Fertilizer. However, the Potato gives players 9 HarvestBoost Fertilizers instead of the SpeedyGro, but only 1 Glow Worm, and is much easier to grow since seeds are easily purchased from the General Store for 40 gold. While Potatoes in Palia don’t give the highest amount of HarvestBoost offered from a meal, it is the simplest method of getting them. Just grow Potatoes and offer them as is instead of cooking them into anything. Once Potatoes are planted, it only takes 5 days to be able to harvest them, plus the garden plots they’re in gain the Water Retain ability. It’s quick and offers a good amount of rewards.

HarvestBoost is different from SpeedyGro in that, instead of speeding up the growth of the crop, it increases the number of crops players get upon harvest. However, it will need to be put on the crops every day to guarantee the extra food. The HarvestBoost and SpeedyGro Fertilizers can be used together to get more crops sooner.

3 Celebration Cake

Best Recipe for Most SpeedyGro Fertilizer


For those after the highest amount of SpeedyGro Fertilizer available, a Celebration Cake is in order. While this does take a lot of resources to make, players receive anywhere from 3-5 Glow Worms and 17-28 Fertilizers, depending on the quality of the Cake offered.


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When ingredients and cooking skills are in high supply, this is a worthy option. For those less set up for making more complex foods, there are better options that require fewer cooking stations and ingredients.

Celebration Cake Ingredients:

  • Blueberry
  • 4 Butter
  • 3 Eggs
  • 3 Flour
  • 4 Sweet Leaf
  • 3 Fruit
  • 3 Sugar
  • Milk

Cooking Stations:

  • 2 Prep Stations
  • Standard Oven
  • Mixing Station

2 Sushi

Best Recipe for Most HarvestBoost Fertilizer


Although players need Glow Worms to receive this recipe, in return it ends up being one of the best recipes to put in a Glow Worm Farm, making the effort to get it worthwhile. Not only does Sushi give players 29 HarvestBoost Fertilizer, but it also grant the second-highest amount of Glow Worms possible at 5 Worms.

The only other food that gives 5 Glow Worms is Chapaa Masala, and it only gives 26 HarvestBoost Fertilizer, making Sushi a slightly stronger option when it comes to efficiency.

Sushi Ingredients:

  • Dari Cloves
  • Fish
  • Heat Root
  • Vinegar
  • Rice
  • Sweet Leaf

Cooking Stations:

  • 2 Prep Stations
  • Standard Stove
  • Standard Oven

1 Poke Bowl

Best Recipe for Most Glow Worms


The only recipe or food that gives players more than 5 Glow Worms is the Poke Bowl coming in at 7 Glow Worms in addition to producing the most HarvestBoost Fertilizer at 35. This is a very simple recipe that provides a large amount of resources in return. Those trying to get as many lGow Worms as possible will want to spam Poke Bowls as their go-to Glow Worm food.


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However, this was an exclusive recipe only available through the Just Desserts Stamp Card in the Maji Market which was only available August 29 through September 26, 2023. If this isn’t unlocked already, consider the Sushi or Chapaa Masala above for the second-highest amount of Glow Worm production. The good news is, there is a chance the Maji Market will return in the future.

Poke Bowl Ingredients:

  • Vinegar
  • Fish
  • Spice
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Dari Cloves
  • Wild Garlic
  • Spice Sprouts
  • Heat Root

Cooking Stations:

  • Prep Station
  • Mixing Station



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