Paleo Pines update out now (version 1.2.2), patch notes

Paleo Pines update 1.2.2

The latest update for Paleo Pines has started distribution, and as of today, version 1.2.2 is accessible.

There are a couple of specific highlights to point out. First, a “Seasoned Rancher Start” feature has been added to accelerate starting a new character. A new round of colors are also available for certain dinosaurs.

On the technical side of things, memory optimizations have been implemented along with CPU performance improvements of ranch debris. Visuals and performance of the ash and aspen trees have been improved as well.

Here’s the full update rundown:

Paleo Pines update  version 1.2.2 patch notes

– Added ‘Seasoned Rancher Start’ feature to accelerate starting a new character. Once you’ve played far enough for your ranch house to be repaired and upgraded, you’ll unlock the Seasoned Rancher Start. You’ll then be offered the choice to use it whenever you create a new character. Seasoned Rancher Start begins on day 5, skipping the basic tutorials, so you can starting befriending dinos and designing your ideal ranch right away. You’ll also start off with an albino Gallimimus, bonus resources and shells, and some extra goodies in your ranch storage to start decorating with.
– Added a variety of new colors to certain dinos. (We won’t tell you which dinos or colors though!)
– Better handling of repairing the Veridian Valley windmill while Marlo is still present.
– Removed duplicate textures used by the Triassea Picnic food pile to save memory.
– Fixed rarity of ‘weekday’ colors for some dinos’ second patterns.
– Tweaked Spanish translation of the ‘Seasoned Rancher Start’ strings.
– Fixed repeated stamina regen SFX when sitting.
– Memory optimizations in the ranch and valley.
– Memory optimizations to ranch debris, build mode, and mount/dismount VFX.
– Improved CPU performance of ranch debris.
– Fixed non-upgraded dreamstones being placed slightly underground.
– Memory optimizations, particularly when holding a hoe, shovel, watering can, seeds, or fertilizer or with many dinos on the ranch.
– Improved visuals and performance of ash and aspen trees.
– Fixed seams in the Megalosaurus pattern which were visible from a distance.
– Added extra quest log tasks for “Owynn’s Unfinished Masterpiece” to make it clearer what to do.
– Added a secret seat in Dapplewood.
– Fixed being able to give a treat without actually consuming it by spamming the journal button.
– Missing tools (journal, hoe, shovel, watering can, or flute) are now restored when booting the game, so that item loss bugs can’t totally break the game.

The Paleo Pines version 1.2.2 is out now on Switch.