Oxygen Not Included: Best Base Layouts


  • Oxygen Not Included
    is a survival game that requires critical thinking and creativity to create a sustainable space colony.
  • Players must learn to craft realistic tools, rooms, and environments to support the colonists’ needs and maintain stability.
  • The game offers various layouts and design options for players to create efficient systems such as Drecko Ranch and Natural Gas Plant.

The jagged survival game, Oxygen Not Included, presses gamers to not only critically think outside the box but to reevaluate the essence of the ‘box’ fully. Players learn to craft realistic self-sustainable tools, rooms, and environments in the game. Fans play creators as they maintain the newly conscious human colonists (a.k.a. duplicants) aiming to foster a safe and viable space colony in a massive asteroid that, for gamers, appears as a series of individualized rooms and structures.


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The end goal with each stage of the game is to stabilize an environment for future space colonists to join and foster. As the duplicants learn to secure air pockets and mitigate hazardous gases, liquids, and other unbreathable fields, gamers adapt to building better machines and equipment to support long-term stability. These base layouts rank as some of the most effective and suitable for the colonists and the most fun for fans to build. The open world and creation of base layout styles open many design options.

5 Simple Drecko Ranch

Dreckos Wouldn’t Hurt A Fly

Drecko Ranch


  • Sustain a Drecko / Glossy Drecko population
  • Breed Glossy Dreckos
  • Facilitate Drecko shearin

Dreckos are harmless creatures typically found in Balm Lilies or Mealwood Plants. The duplicants have adapted to farming these creatures for their rich levels of phosphorite. As they cling tight to any surface, the dreckos can thrive in multiple environments.

Within the Drecko Ranch layout, players may notice a low rate of reproduction; however, the reaping instead bears a fruitful reward in phosphorite, used for synthetic fertilizer and is an ingredient in medicines that select duplicants with the Medicine Compounding skill can utilize.

4 Coal Generator Room (Stage 3)

Sustainable, All-Natural Energy

Coal Generator (Stage 3)


  • Ability to connect the whole room’s output to a central Power grid as part of a comprehensive Power system
  • Adds Coal auto-delivery from the central Coal-filled Storage Bin
  • The ability to apply +50% buffs to the Coal Generator

The intimidating Coal Generator (Stage 3) appears to be a massive undertaking for some gamers. Yet, for the fans willing, hyped, and dedicated to crafting an efficient power system field with a natural resource, this layout comes in clutch.


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Establishing a central power grid is essential for communication devices, food and water storage, and colony maintenance systems. The Coal Generator at this stage provides more Wheat efficiency due to its more advanced setup. Players should keep in mind the importance of temperature monitoring, especially in specific areas such as the Frozen Biome, to avoid astronomical rising temperatures.

3 Slime Containment And Algae Distillation System

Some Slimes Digest Food Into Resources

Creating Alage from Slime


  • A late-game solution for infected Slime containment and neutralization

Throughout the game, duplicants and players alike learn to become astrological alchemists, transforming this asteroid’s resources into beneficial materials for production and use. This is seen in the layout for the Slime Containment and Algae Distillation system!

The thick slime substance contains algae that can be distilled for uses such as the creation of dirt. Creatures like the hatches can also eat slime and, in turn, create coal through their digestive process. Some of the more elaborate layouts require more parts, materials, and patience for their establishments. This containment and distillation system needs a top, middle, and bottom layer for proper filtration, conservation, and conductivity.

2 Natural Gas Plant

Aids In Heat And Resource Production

Natural Gas Plant


  • To utilize a colony’s available Natural Gas resources for long-term Power generation

Any high-output gas sources are convenient for the Natural Gas Plant layout. Although gas overlay may be a possibility, there are solutions, such as sourcing a natural gas geyser that can aid in resolving these chamber and room issues. For this layout, sour gas from petroleum, oil wells, and refineries additionally produce alternate sources for fans to incorporate into their layout plan.


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In the the spirit of the game’s kookie critters, the gassy moos, an exclusive creature bought from Organic Mass (a space cargo port and destination off the asteroid), are capable of providing natural gas through their digestive process as well. Fans should watch heat temperatures and build-up in middle layer chambers in addition to polluted liquid contaminants. The natural gas plant aids in heat production too.

1 Classic Self-Powered Oxygen Module

The Classic Layout

Self-Power Classic Oxygen Module


  • Automatically cools the Oxygen to acceptable levels, eliminating all internally-produced heat
  • Pumps that Oxygen through Gas Pumps for distribution in the base on self-powered circuits
  • Uses Electrolyzers to produce Hydrogen and Oxygen
  • Receives no external power, typically powered entirely by the Hydrogen it produces

One of the most essential layouts gamers will encounter in Oxygen Not Included will most likely be the Classic Self-Powered Oxygen Module. It’s crucial for players to cautiously utilize natural resources such as water, which typically are acquired from multiple smaller regions about halfway through the game. A coal generator, gas pumps, a simple saltwater distillation process, and an electrolyzer are also pertinent to the mission of building a fleshed-out and sustainable oxygen system for all duplicants to thrive.

Before diving into the mission of creating this extensive but critical layout, it’s best recommended that players seek as many water sources as possible, including renewable sources such as geysers. They’re going to go through a lot of it.

Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included

May 18, 2017

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