Overwatch 2’s Venture Already Seems Like a Nightmare For Widowmaker Players


  • Overwatch 2’s new hero Venture poses a major threat to Widowmaker mains with a unique ability combo that quickly defeats the sniper.
  • If Venture players use their drill dash, melee attack, and alternate fire in quick succession, Widowmaker can be melted in seconds. Additionally, Venture can easily flank or close in on Widowmaker by digging underground, making them a hard counter.
  • As Venture joins the Overwatch 2 roster, gamers can expect balance adjustments throughout Season 10 to fine-tune the hero’s abilities.

An Overwatch 2 player has discovered a Venture combo that allows them to quickly defeat enemy Widowmakers. Widowmaker has been a force to be reckoned with since before Overwatch 2 was released, even after some nerfs, but the new hero may be a perfect counter against the sniper.

Blizzard has been adding heroes to Overwatch 2 since it was released, including Junker Queen, Kiriko, Mauga, Ramattra, and Lifeweaver. Players have been able to unlock these characters through seasonal Battle Passes or Shop bundles, but new characters are no longer being locked behind a paywall or lengthy grind. This will allow more gamers to get their hands on the latest characters, including Venture in the game’s next season. During their early access period, one Overwatch 2 player discovered a unique Venture trick while experimenting with the hero in the Training Range.


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Reddit user Inferbious1 recently shared an Overwatch 2 clip highlighting a potential Widowmaker counter from Venture. The clip begins with Venture standing behind Widowmaker which can be achieved in a match by digging underground with the hero’s drill with the Burrow ability. As Widowmaker is often lurking in the background, most characters are unable to close the gap between themselves and Widow before being sniped, but Venture does not have that problem. The video then shows Overwatch 2‘s Venture using Drill Dash followed by a melee attack and the character’s alternate fire, which shoots one projectile at the Widowmaker. The quick combination of attacks results in Widowmaker dying, reflecting a total of 200 damage and proving that the hero will be a formidable foe for Widowmaker mains.

When Can Everyone Play as Venture?

Inferbious1’s clip notably highlights how quickly Venture can defeat Widowmaker when gamers can hit the right abilities in succession. As Venture can easily tunnel underground from one point to another, they rival Sombra in the ability to flank the enemy team. Venture was added to Overwatch 2 during a hero trial before their official release in Season 10. Season 10 begins on April 16, and it’s expected to include its own Battle Pass, lineup of Shop cosmetics, and roster balancing. As a fresh hero is part of Season 10, there may be some balance issues that persist beyond the launch, as was the case with Mauga.

Venture providing an alternative set of abilities for players trying to stop the powerful sniper is good news for those who dislike Widowmaker, and bad news for those who main her. As Blizzard continues to provide mid-season updates, some of Venture’s damage output may be adjusted before Season 10 is over. For now, though, the extra damage of their melee attack and abilities that can quickly be chained together make Venture seem deadly.

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