Overwatch 2 Players Are Making Mauga’s Ult Deadlier by Using It Wrong


  • Overwatch 2 players have found a unique way to use Mauga’s ultimate ability, trapping enemies and causing them to fall to their deaths.
  • The strategy requires coordination between a Mauga and Lifeweaver player, making it challenging to execute in public games.
  • Despite its difficulty, using Mauga in public games is still a great choice due to recent buffs and his popularity among players.

Players have discovered a different way to get kills with Overwatch 2 hero Mauga’s ultimate ability, and it’s one that doesn’t immediately come to mind. Though Mauga’s Cage Fight ability is intended to trap enemies with a big, hard-to-kill tank full of unlimited ammunition, there’s another possible play available in some particular maps.

Overwatch 2 continues to add new heroes to its roster, drawing ideas and influences from even more cultures and nations around the world. The Samoan tank Mauga, the franchise’s first Pacific Islander hero, is the game’s latest addition and debuted in early December 2023. Mauga has already proven to be very popular not even a month into his official release, as not only is he a well-designed character that enhances the game’s diversity, but he’s also just a really good tank to play.


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Redditor arkLees posted a highlight reel of their Mauga gameplay, sharing a creative way to use the character’s Cage Fight ultimate ability with a teammate playing Lifeweaver. In their clips, they can be seen setting the cage on Lifeweaver’s Petal Platform, which is hovering in the air just off a ledge and not activated to rise. The cage then traps enemies, after which the Lifeweaver player gets rid of the platform so that the cage will fall into the abyss. Because the enemies are trapped and must follow wherever the cage goes, they get pulled down and killed instantly, even when they’re standing on a ledge. Meanwhile, Mauga manages to avoid the fall by jumping or being pulled away from the cage.

Other Overwatch 2 players in the subreddit found the strategy funny and satisfying to watch, although many of them do concede that it’s tough to do when solo-queueing in public, so they’ll likely never get to try it themselves. That’s because to really pull it off, a pair of players would have to be a dedicated Mauga-Lifeweaver team. And if the tactic ever gets popular, the rest of the meta will eventually figure out how to play around it. That, and the tandem also apparently leads to quite a few bugs in some Overwatch maps.

Whether a player wants to try this play or not, the Samoan tank is still a great choice for public games as Blizzard has been pushing the character hard, buffing Mauga even more in a recent Overwatch 2 patch to make him more viable in competitive play. But since he’s new and getting really popular, one should expect a lot of players to try and be the first to pick him in public games.

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October 4, 2022


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