Overwatch 2 Player Has Spent an Incredible Number of Hours Playing D.Va


  • A fan of Overwatch 2 has logged over 20,000 hours playing as the hero D.Va, making them one of her most dedicated supporters.
  • D.Va boasts some of the most powerful abilities in Overwatch 2, and the fan’s expertise with the hero has led to impressive stats.
  • The majority of the fan’s playtime was in custom games, but they still have over 5,000 hours in other game modes, demonstrating their impressive dedication and skill.

An Overwatch 2 fan recently discovered a player with over 20,000 hours playing D.Va. This staggering amount of time logged as the Overwatch 2 hero solidifies them as one of the MEKA pilot’s most diehard fans.

D.Va is one of the original heroes released in Overwatch. An avid gamer and ace pilot from the Korean MEKA squad, D.Va has a huge fanbase both in and out of game. Her Self-Destruct ultimate is one of the most powerful abilities in Overwatch 2, and has led to some truly impressive plays throughout the game’s history.


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Recently, Overwatch 2 fan and Redditor OG256 shared an image of another player they encountered in Quick Play who may be D.Va’s biggest fan. Fittingly named PrincessDva, this player has over 20,000 hours logged in-game as D.Va across all game modes, while having no more than 80 hours on any other Overwatch 2 hero. Their prowess with D.Va is truly staggering, and is one of the largest playtime totals of any single hero in Overwatch history.

PrincessDva’s OW2 Playtime Statistics Breakdown

  • PrincessDva has played D.Va for 20,062 hours, or 836 days.
  • At press time, Overwatch 1 came out 2,773 days ago.
  • This means PrincessDva has been in-game as D.Va for about 30% of the time since the original release of Overwatch, or approximately seven hours every day since the game’s launch more than seven and a half years ago.

Interestingly enough, over 14,000 of PrincessDva’s D.Va hours were in Game Browser, meaning the majority of their time was in custom games. That said, they still have over 5,000 hours in Unranked, Arcade, and Competitive Overwatch 2 games, which is impressive in its own right. OG256 confirmed PrincessDva stomped them when the two players fought in Quick Play, so those many hours have clearly paid off.

On the other hand, some players believe much of PrincessDva’s time in the Game Browser was probably spent AFK, especially given they had only 34,459 wins, and that much of their time was spent in custom games. Even if that is the case, however, fans couldn’t help but be impressed with this staggering amount of time as D.Va, especially since it doesn’t count time between matches or on the Overwatch 2 main menu. Either way, considering PrincessDva has the top 500 player icon for D.Va, no one can deny they have skills to match their dedication to the Overwatch 2 hero.

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October 4, 2022