Overpowered ability of wings in Fortnite discovered

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After a slight delay, fans are now taking on the Gods in the latest season of Fortnite. Chapter 5 Season 2 has gone down a storm with the community! We’ve got new bosses, guns, and rewards in the Season Pass.

With a mythical theme taking over the island, one of the most talked about introductions has been the Wings of Icarus. This Epic item allows you to take to the skies! You can soar across the land to travel faster or divebomb an enemy to knock them back and deal some damage.

Although the wings were patched pretty rapidly after release, with the minimum height to perform a divebomb adjusted massively, a pretty overpowered ability has now been discovered. Read on to find out how the Wings of Icarus can take your Fortnite skills to the next level!

Wings of Icarus’ hidden power revealed in Fortnite

Just how good are the Wings of Icarus in Fortnite? Being able to fly is pretty OP, as it allows you to cover greater distances faster, keeping you away from that pesky storm circle. You can launch into the air and away from battle if you don’t feel that the odds are in your favour. Then, you always cause a bit of chaos by divebombing into an enemy.

However, with the nerf to the divebomb ability and some claiming wings have a huge problem, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking that wings aren’t that great. Well, another ability of the wings may just change your mind.

Thanks go to u/KaktitsM on Reddit, who highlighted a hidden power of the Wings of Icarus. They revealed in their post that “there is no fall damage if you fall with the wings selected”!

This is another huge advantage to having the wings in your inventory. Not only do they help with air travel but with getting across tricky landscapes too! Being able to jump from a great height and take no damage adds a whole new element to your game. The ability to make surprise attacks or flee without taking damage that others would gives you the advantage.

It should be noted that this ability is only available in the Zero Build game mode. Still, that just makes it even better, as you can’t build a structure down from your high position anyway.

u/Rifted-06 added to the discussion “[n]ot only that but the wings act like a low gravity effect so if you equip them before jumping on a launchpad, you can launch really high”. This takes us back to a tactic seen when the tornado was around and also with the balloon items. You would hide high in the sky when in the final few players. You would wait for a one-on-one situation to come down and strike!

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