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So, you’ve heard of Dark Souls and Lies of P, but do you know about Vapor World: Over the Mind? Well, if you’ve clicked on this news article, you probably don’t. And if you already do… nice! Vapor World: Over the Mind is a mixture of Dark Souls, Lies of P, and Bloodborne – but make it a hand-drawn, side-scrolling RPG.

If that’s got your attention, make sure to visit the Vapor World: Over the Mind’s official Steam page, where you can wishlist the game and download the demo! There’s also an official Kickstarter page with over 290 backers so far.

Watch Out for ‘The Seed’

It’s mainly the protagonist and the environments that remind me of Lies of P, with a flair of side-scrolling action reminiscent of the charm of Hollow Knight, Ender Lilies, and Death’s Gambit. Stealth is your best friend as you make your way through each area, before unleashing a devastatingly powerful attack upon whatever creatures are lurking in your path. You’ll come across the weaker enemies that are already difficult enough, but it’s the crushing boss fights that you need to be wary of.

Moody and Atmospheric

The murky surroundings of Vapor World: Over the Mind set the scene, as you explore the boy’s inner dreams, filled to the brim with monstrosities. Everything seems to be coated in a thick fog, perhaps alluding to the haziness of his headspace. The poor lad doesn’t know where he is, let alone why these surreal beastly formations are suddenly appearing around him.

As mentioned earlier, this stunning souls-like is entirely hand-drawn. It gives the game a truly unique appearance as the gloomy-looking characters, buildings, and monsters, bring the world to life. With dark circles under their eyes, it’s clear to see that this nightmarish world is taking a toll on those who inhabit it.