Outlaws of Thunder Junction release date marks MTG’s 100th set

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We’re well underway to seeing the release of Magic: The Gathering’s 100th set, and Outlaws of Thunder Junction release date will mark a special day for the TCG.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction release date

The MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction set will be bringing the Wild West with it. On top of that, there’s eldritch creatures, patricide, and plenty of Magic drama. With the release date set in stone for April 19th, there’s going to be plenty of time before then to prepare for the set.

It follows on from the Universes Beyond collaboration with Fallout, which saw Wizards and Bethesda link up for a set that smashes previous collaborations out of the water. This year’s already been busy for the Magic franchise, seeing the releases of Ravnica Remastered and Murders at Karlov Manor early on in the year too.

With the release date for Outlaws of Thunder Junction set in stone, there’s a certain set of expectations on the 100th set. Already, finding where to buy MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction boosters is a hard ask, and the discounts on the bundle have made it particularly hard to get a hold of.

What to expect from Outlaws of Thunder Junction?

The release date is going to bring the launch of four preconstructed Commander decks, alongside the Play Boosters and Collector Boosters.

The Outlaws of Thunder Junction set brings plenty of preconstructed decks, alongside bundles that will give you a good shot at pulling expensive and rare cards. Unfortunately, though, it’s not been particularly easy recently to get hold of Outlaws boosters due to stock issues.

Hopefully, as we get closer to the actual release date, there will be more stock available.

What we know about Outlaws of Thunder Junction so far

Plenty of recent MTG sets have found themselves in new chronological settings, blending science fiction with fantasy, or history with mystery. Now, the Outlaws of Thunder Junction will be transporting you to a Western setting blending monsters, magic, and gunslinger heroes. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for.

So far, the few spoilers revealed for the set haven’t indicated that guns will be a part of the set. There’s a one-eyed Homonculus (Fplthp, Lost on the Range), Oko, The Ringleader, and a Sword of Wealth and Power, though nothing to note about any gunpowder-powered weapons.

MTG has long veered away from the inclusion of firearms in its sets, and from the looks of the previews, it will continue to do so.

On top of that, there’s the lingering question of what new mechanics and keywords will Outlaws bring with it. While we’ve recently seen Evidence and Radiation from prior sets, we’re still left curious about possible evergreens in Outlaws of Thunder Junction.

Shootout could have been a good one, had firearms not been snubbed by Wizards of the Coast.

The Treasure keyword was recently introduced in the Ixalan sets, and we’ve seen it appear in some of the cards already. Expect that to play a handy part in Outlaws, though we’ll keep you updated when new information is announced.