One Piece of Amazon Crossover Content For Fallout 4 Seems Too Good To Pass Up On


  • The upcoming Prime Video Fallout TV show has fans excited about the potential for crossover content between the show and the games.
  • Walton Goggins’ portrayal of a Fallout Ghoul in the show is already generating a lot of discussion and excitement among fans.
  • The show’s presence on Prime Video makes it easier to create promotional in-game material for Fallout 4 or Fallout 76, with John Hancock’s character being a top priority.

The upcoming Prime Video Fallout TV show is predictably drawing a lot of attention, with fans of the franchise being fascinated at the prospect of seeing the complex world of the IP come to life in live action. Of course, a majority of the viewership demographic of the show will come from long-term fans of the games, and Amazon would be wise to use this to its advantage in the form of crossover content between both entities.

The Fallout show is not expected to be released until April 12, meaning not a lot is currently known about the project, although there is already a range of confirmed characters that this crossover content could take inspiration from. In particular, Walton Goggin’s portrayal of an iconic Fallout Ghoul is already the source of a lot of the show’s discussion, and this could be the prime subject of a crossover between the show and Fallout 4.

While the Fallout TV show is set for an April 12 release, this could change in the coming weeks due to delays.


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Fallout 4’s Hancock Could Be the Key to Some Great Amazon Crossover Content

Fallout The Ghoul

Ghouls have grown to be one of the most recognizable species from the Fallout franchise, being human beings who have suffered a range of physical defects due to the intense radiation of Fallout‘s nuclear landscapes. Usually facing a lot of prejudice from sheltered survivors, Ghouls are typified as being jaded and untrusting figures, though this usually gives way to a lot of humor in their personalities.

This is evidenced in the popularity of John Hancock in Fallout 4, the Ghoul mayor of Goodneighbor that can act as a companion for the player character. Hancock is considered to be one of the funniest and most memorable companions from Fallout 4, with the hardship that Ghouls often face being an excellent point of character development and interest from the player’s perspective.

When considering this, it is no wonder that the currently-unnamed Ghoul from the Fallout show’s promotional material is already turning a lot of heads. While some fans have criticized the appearance of the Ghoul as a watered-down form of how the species looked in the earlier days of Fallout, the performance of esteemed actor Walton Goggins alone is enough to stir a lot of excitement around the character.

Prime Gaming Should Make Fallout 4 Crossover Content a Sure-Thing

Of course, the Fallout show will need to honor the legacy of the games in order to pay respects to its source material and keep fans happy, and having promotional in-game material related to the show would play a huge role in this. The logistics of this is made much easier thanks to the show’s presence on Prime Video, with Prime Gaming often giving in-game content to Amazon Prime customers. The Amazon links between Prime Gaming and Video could easily see some promotional material in Fallout 4 or even Fallout 76, but content for John Hancock should be a top priority.

Something as small as giving Hancock the outfit from Walton Goggins’ Ghoul would be a smart nod to the TV show without changing too much of Fallout 4‘s core experience. Hancock’s historic outfit is an iconic element of his character, and giving him a cowboy-Ghoul makeover in line with the show would have an even larger impact because of this. The hype around Amazon’s Fallout show is only going to grow as it draws closer to release, and a well-timed crossover for Fallout 4‘s Hancock could be a great way to herald in the ambitious project.

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