September 26, 2023

In a recent update, Roblox “One Piece: New Dreams” has introduced several changes aimed at enhancing the gameplay experience. These modifications range from tweaks in animations and event frequency to new features and balancing updates. For the new freebie, head over to our OPND Codes page!

One of the key changes lies in the animation system. The update brings a new animation pre-loader, designed to reduce lag and thereby improve server performance, including frame rate and delay. This can potentially result in a smoother gameplay experience.

Event dynamics also see revisions in this update. The frequency of coliseum events has increased, and the conditions to initiate such events have been lowered. Specifically, a coliseum event may now be triggered in high player servers just one minute after the conclusion of a rampage event. However, to commence the event, a minimum of 10 players in the server is still required. Additionally, players need to have a bounty of at least 50,000 to be eligible for participation. Winners of the Colosseum events are assured a poneglyph skill, but the skill can only be equipped if the player has a total bounty of 20 million or more, invested amounts included.

A noteworthy aspect of this update is the addition of three new Poneglyph Skills applicable to various fighting styles—Shotgun/Blunderbuss, 2-Sword Style, and Rokushiki. Moreover, legendary weapons like Shusui, Taki, Tenki, Ragnarok, and Crudelis among others, are also included. These weapons have unique attributes: Shusui focuses on range, Taki emphasizes damage, and Tenki leans toward speed.

In terms of game balancing, several adjustments have been made. The number of total attempts for Cyborg has increased from 3 to 5, while various skills and abilities see their stats modified. For example, Geppo is buffed from 15 to 10, and the damage of Rankyaku increases from 13 to 15. Multiple other skills also receive tweaks in their base or scaling damage.

NPCs haven’t been overlooked in this update. Fixes have been implemented for NPC-related bugs. Additionally, the game sees the reactivation of the character Eduardo, although with a nerfed HP stat. In contrast, the AXE boss receives a boost in HP. A new feature, the chest appraiser, has been added to Yukiheshi, providing another layer to the gameplay.

Lastly, condition-specific changes are made for Fishman characters. They will only receive their debuff if they have low levels of oxygen while being on land.

Here’s the full list of changes made from the official Discord server:

Rampage grips now register killstreaks if the player is over level 15+
New animation pre-loader to fix lag in servers, should help with fps,delay,etc.
Increased rate of coliseum events happening, should be more frequent
Lowered requirements for the colosseum event to start
( In a high player server there is a chance that a colosseum event will start for everyone who was there 1 minute after the end of rampage )
–> There is a minimum requirement of 10 people to begin this event <– ( Bounty requirement to participate or be registered in the bracket is 50k bounty ) ( Winner of Colosseum event is guaranteed to receive a poneglyph skill, you must have 20m total bounty (invested included) for you to equip it ) — > You must stay in the server for rewards from Colosseum event < — ( Added 3 New Poneglyph Skills for the following styles: Shotgun/Blunderbuss, 2- Sword Style and Rokushiki ) ( Legendary weapons added : Shusui,Taki,Tenki ( 1-Sword,2-Sword,3-Sword style) , Ragnarok (Axe) , Crudelis (Boxing,Ryusoken,Rokushiki,Misuto,Fishman) , DragonSlayer (Spear) ) —> For a heads up, Shusui is range orientated, Taki is damage orientated, Tenki is speed orientated <–
Fixed NPC bugs
Re-Enabled Eduardo
Buffed AXE boss HP
Nerfed Eduardo HP
Added chest appraiser to yukiheshi

[Balancing Update]
Cyborg total attempts 3 > 5
Geppo Buffed 15 > 10
Yasha Garasu 1.3 > 1.8
Rankyaku Dmg 13 > 15
Whirlpool Tower base dmg 0.8 > 0.95
Sanzen Sekai Dmg 1.9 > 2.3
Buffed Bullet Frenzy Scaling
Fixed Shigan Barrage cancelling with infinite speed
Fishman only get their debuff if they are low on oxygen while being on land

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