One Piece: Every Yonko Fight, Ranked


  • The Yonko are the most powerful pirates in the One Piece world, feared even by the government.
  • The Yonko have participated in epic battles and skirmishes throughout the series.
  • Luffy, despite not being a Yonko, has proven himself capable of defeating powerful opponents like Kizaru and Kaido.

The Yonko are the most powerful pirates in the One Piece world who rule a New World like absolute powerhouses. Their influence is unmatched in the One Piece world and even the government is wary of these incredibly powerful pirates.


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In the early parts of the story, the Yonko were somewhat of a myth and fans were waiting in incredible anticipation to see just one of them in action. As the story has progressed and now reached its final saga, however, fans have gotten to see an incredible array of amazing Yonko fights. While some of them are mere skirmishes, others are far more exciting.

9 Big Mom Vs Law and Kid

Winner: The Worst Generation Duo

Big Mom fights Law and Kid

One of the strongest Emperors of the Sea, Big Mom took on the members of Worst Generation, Kid and Law, in the Wano Country arc. Big Mom had ruled parts of the New World for decades and had consolidated her empire very efficiently.

Yet, the era of the old was proven to be brittle in the Wano Country arc and Kid and Law certainly dealt a telling blow. Kid and Law combined their awakened Devil Fruit powers very well to crush Big Mom and knock her off her perch.

8 Luffy Vs Kizaru

Winner: Yonko Luffy

luffy vs kizaru one piece 1094

Luffy became one of the Emperors of the Sea in the final saga of One Piece and received a bounty of 3 billion berries. This was nothing short of impressive, however, fans also know that he’s capable of much more. In Egghead, Luffy got a chance to show how skilled a Yonko he is when he fought against Kizaru.

Even though he did not go all out and was already tired from the battles that he had fought previously, Luffy held his own incredibly well. Kizaru was avoiding him throughout the fight and Luffy did extremely well to hold him off. Eventually, Luffy managed to defeat Kizaru with his last strike and knocked him down.

7 Blackbeard Vs Law

Winner: Yonko Blackbeard

Blackbeard vs Trafalgar Law

Known to be an incredibly powerful Yonko, Blackbeard was always going to be exceptionally important in the final saga of One Piece and Oda certainly did not disappoint in that regard. As soon as the final saga kickstarted, Blackbeard was seen in combat against Law and his Heart Pirates.

Blackbeard certainly received some heavy injuries from Law, however, at the end of the day, he was the one who emerged victorious in the fight. Law was saved by none other than Bepo and if it had not been for him, he would certainly have died there.

6 Big Mom Vs. Kaido

Winner: Spoils Shared Between The Two Yonko

One Piece Kaido and Big Mom partying

Yoko Big Mom and Kaido clashed for the very first time in Wano Country Arc’s second act. This clash was quite similar to the one between Shanks and Whitebeard, which happened earlier in the series.

These two characters fought for an entire night and continued doing so for around up to 3 days. At the end of it all, they were evenly matched. This fight was a proper display of what these two monsters were capable of before the raid of Onigashima began.

5 Shanks Vs Whitebeard

Winner: Tie Between The Yonko

Shanks clashing with Whitebeard

The very first Yonko skirmishes that fans saw in One Piece came between Shanks and Whitebeard and this was certainly an incredible event. Shortly after the events of the Water Seven saga, Shanks and Whitebeard met for the very first time and it was around this point in the story that fans saw two Yonko come together for the very first time.


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While the conversation between these two was largely peaceful, at the end of it, things went south very fast and this resulted in Whitebeard and Shanks having a Conqueror’s Haki clash so strong that it split the skies above them.

4 Whitebeard Vs Akainu

Winner: Yonko Whitebeard

Summit War Whitebeard and Akainu

In the Paramount War, fans got to see Yonko Whitebeard destroy Marineford itself with his incredible quirk ability. Of course, he would face resistance from the Marines and Admiral Akainu was the one who took him on in combat.

Akainu stood no chance against Whitebeard, however, because of his waning health and, at the same time, the fact that he took a very heavy injury from Squard, meant that Akainu had a chance. He certainly dealt some heavy blows to Whitebeard, however, in the end, it proved to be insufficient as Whitebeard was the one who ended up being victorious in the battle by crushing him using his quake power.

3 Shanks Vs Kid And Killer

Winner: Yonko Shanks

Shanks vs eustass kid one piece chapter 1079

Yonko Shanks is a character that fans have always wanted to see more of in action and their wishes were finally answered in the final saga, when he moved against Captain Kid. When Kid arrived near Elbaf and decided to eliminate Shanks’s fleet, he jumped into action and with a single swing of his sword, defeated Kid and Killer together.

This was an astonishing display of strength and just goes to show how dangerous he is in combat.

2 Kaido and Big Mom Vs Worst Generation (Round 1)

Winner: Kaido (Last Man Standing), Big Mom (Knocked Off Onigashima)

worst generation vs Kaido big mom every fight in wano

In Wano Country, fans certainly got to see the best of the Yonko confrontations. Kaido and Big Mom’s fight against the Worst Generation was certainly one of the very best fights that the fans have seen in the story and it was incredibly exciting, to say the least.

This fight saw the Worst Generation throw everything they had at the two Yonko, and, despite everything, it proved to be insufficient. These two Yonko were overwhelmingly powerful and even though the Worst Generation succeeded in separating them, they lost the collective battle in the first round.

1 Luffy Vs Kaido

Winner: Luffy

Luffy attacks Kaido one piece episode 1075 release date

By far, the best Yonko fight that the fans have seen in the story was fought between Luffy and Kaido. By this time, Luffy wasn’t a Yonko, however, defeating Kaido certainly made him one. This fight was incredibly amazing and saw Kaido utilize every bit of his Devil Fruit and Haki mastery that he had picked up over the years.

Luffy was tested to his very limits and forced to go beyond them, such as when he had to learn advanced Conqueror’s Haki and, at the same time, awaken his Devil Fruit. This fight was nothing short of amazing and it ended with Luffy crushing Kaido with his strongest technique.

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