On PocketGamer.fun this week: Stealthy shenanigans, nostalgia running wild and Tiny Connections

  • This week on PocketGamer.Fun, we check out the best Stealth games on mobile
  • We also celebrate some excellent retro-inspired titles
  • Tiny Connections, the lovely zen puzzler, is our Game of the Week

Regular readers of Pocket Gamer will be aware that we released a brand new website called PocketGamer.fun. It’s a site we’ve made in collaboration with domain specialists Radix, intending to help you find your next favourite game quickly.

So, if you’re looking for distilled gaming recommendations, head over to the site and be greeted with dozens of great games to download any that take your fancy. But, if you’re happy with a little more reading, we’ll regularly post articles like this one to update you on what we’ve posted on the site in the last week or so.

Retro graphics, modern sensibility

If you’re of a certain age, whenever you see pixel graphics, it sends you back to a simpler time with less responsibility on your shoulders. And those games were undoubtedly great, with many still holding up today. But thanks to technology advancing, we can now enjoy retro-inspired titles with modern sensibilities, meaning they give you the same nostalgic feelings while boasting gameplay that doesn’t feel decades old.

Undetected, unexpected, stealth perfected

For people not in the know, most games are about kicking down doors and mowing down hundreds of enemies with machine guns. And that’s not entirely fair. Sometimes they’re about sneaking into a room before silently killing hundreds of enemies. So, to highlight this key difference, we’ve picked out some of the best stealth options available on mobile.

Game of the week

Tiny Connections

Tiny Connections is a meditative puzzler where you take on a fairly big responsibility – making sure the citizens of a city have access to water, power and all of life’s other necessities. While that might sound hectic, the lovely visuals will help put you at ease as you go about your work, letting you test your puzzling prowess without any unnecessary stress.

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