June 8, 2023

Omega Strikers simply acquired its first main content material replace, bringing Vyce and Octavia to the sport as new playable characters. The Demon Dais map has been added, plus there’s new gear, system adjustments, and extra. 

The total patch notes for the Omega Strikers replace with Vyce and Octavia are as follows:

Vyce is an explosive long-range Striker who makes use of an electrified guitar to deal heavy injury and warp throughout the sector. She will drop thunderbolts from the sky to stun enemies from a distance, launch chain lightning assaults, and emit a MASSIVE shockwave that sends enemies flying. With Vyce, it’s all about discovering the right second to warp into your enemies and begin melting their faces with a ripping guitar solo.

  • Thunderstruck [SECONDARY]
    • Summon a thunderbolt from the sky to a goal location, hitting and gorgeous enemies for .75s. For the subsequent 3.25s, recast to imagine a type of pure vitality and teleport to the solid location.
  • Energy Chord [PRIMARY]
    • Launch a lightning riff, hitting and slowing the primary goal struck earlier than chaining LIGHT hits to close by opponents.
  • Tremendous Nova [SPECIAL]
    • Push-and-hold this means to start out rocking out, gaining 100% knockback resistance. Upon releasing the flexibility or after 2.5s, emit a shockwave that blasts enemies away from you. The wave will increase in dimension and energy for the primary 1.25s it’s charged.

Octavia is a speedy however fragile Striker who excels at controlling the core and evading enemy assaults along with her pair of psychically-controlled audio system. Her total playstyle is constructed round Movement State, which grants her a scaling pace increase that refreshes its period each time she hits one thing. To change into a real virtuoso with Octavia, you’ll want fast reflexes and a centered thoughts to be able to frequently prolong your Movement State for so long as attainable.

  • Movement State [SECONDARY]
    • Achieve 25% Velocity for two.75s, growing by 2.5% per second. Hitting something refreshes the period, scaling infinitely.
    • Sonic Increase [PRIMARY]
      • Launch a sonic wave that hits all targets it passes via and slows them for 1s. Offers mild hits to subsequent targets.
    • Bass Drop [SPECIAL]
      • After a delay, emit 5 sound pulses over a brief period that hit surrounding enemies.

Asher’s package was too oppressive at protecting the Core ahead, which made it very irritating for opponents when attempting to counter her core management. We’re eradicating her passive defend barrier and shifting that to the period of her PRIMARY means solid solely. If she casts PRIMARY on her aspect of the sector, her barrier might be bigger and unbreakable. We predict these adjustments, together with a defensive buff to her SECONDARY, will enhance her tank-like playstyle. All of those adjustments ought to enhance counterplay towards opposing Asher forwards, however we’ll be protecting a detailed eye on how she performs as a Goalie as properly. Does that match the factors for a “mini-rework”? You inform me!

  • Striker Barrier (STRIKE)
    • Passive Barrier Creation on means casts :: Eliminated
    • Now could be only a regular Strike
  • Breakthrough [SECONDARY]
    • Mounted a bug the place Asher might transfer throughout the channel time of the sprint (0.125s channel earlier than sprint)
    • Tuned to be extra forgiving to hit models barely in entrance of and behind her
    • Now grants Asher a BUFF that reduces incoming Knockbacks by 30% and injury taken by 25% for five seconds. This buff loses its results if Asher is staggered.
  • Barrier Beam [PRIMARY]
    • Renamed from Arc Beam to Barrier Beam
    • [NEW] Creates a barrier whereas solid that offers a LIGHT hit to enemies it is available in contact with earlier than breaking. If solid on Asher’s staff’s aspect of the sector, the barrier is 

      bigger and unbreakable 

      for its period.

    • Asher is not additional slowed if the barrier hits one thing (she remains to be slowed whereas channeling)
    • Beam Vary :: Elevated from 340 → 350
  • Magical Maelstrom [SPECIAL]
    • Most knockback angle to the solid route :: 90 levels → 60 levels
      • This can maintain each the Core and knocked-back gamers shifting within the route of the Maelstrom, as an alternative of it being all funky.
  • Strike with Pals (STRIKE)
    • [BUGFIX] Blobbos will now reset their overridden strike route when Juno strikes the Core
      • This could make it simpler for Juno to arrange some go performs with the Core
  • Pendulum Swing [PRIMARY]
    • [BUGFIX] The top of his chain sickle (round space) now scales with elevated dimension
  • Unstable Anomaly [PRIMARY]
    • [BUGFIX] Now scales at a hard and fast charge, as an alternative of being slowed down by elevated Creation Period
    • [BUGFIX] Will knock again targets a number of instances in the event that they keep contained in the Anomaly
  • Banish [SPECIAL]
    • [BUGFIX] Now banishes further targets hit for a similar period of time as the primary goal.
  • [BUGFIX] Base strike dimension: 350 diameter -> 270 diameter
  • Our first brand-new map! It pairs completely with the Oni twins of Ahten.
  • On this new music stage, we’ve got a novel Barrier setup with two concentric circles that you need to break via. On breaking the outer barrier, the audio system on the perimeters of the map activate, pumping out sonic waves! These waves will push Strikers and the Core away from them. When the internal barrier on both staff drops, the audio system get amplified, increasing the influence of the sound waves additional into the map!! You would possibly need to carry earplugs.
  • Now spawns 6 Orbs per wave as an alternative of the usual 3
    • That is meant to offer Ahten Metropolis slightly little bit of selection and have a novel really feel to it, moderately than it simply being the “customary” map. We’ve obtained a pair issues sooner or later brewing round Ahten Metropolis as properly, so maintain your eyes peeled for that!
  • [BUGFIX] Velocity gate now grants bonus to all models inside its space when it’s activated.
  • [BUGFIX]On being hit by the Core, limitations take the usual 1s to completely deactivate (was shorter to match earlier visuals)
  • [BUGFIX] Velocity zones now higher match the visuals and don’t prolong into the corners.
  • Up to date to raised educate gamers the way to intention their Strike and Skills with controllers and on cellular
  • Default setting for Controllers now has Intention Steerage turned off, letting gamers intention with their motion stick (Left Stick)
  • [BUGFIX] Aim gates now meet within the center as an alternative of showing barely open throughout tutorial
  • [BUGFIX] Aim gates in tutorial will not disappear once they’re closed within the tutorial
  • Therapeutic :: 20% of Max Stagger → 7.5% to 30% based mostly on present stagger (extra therapeutic when extra broken)
  • Extra Striker information on lore web page
  • Improved structure in lore e-book
  • Obstacles now have a VFX on destruction

We’ve gone and added all these cute and funky skins we comprised of the primary Creator VS. They’re cool. And cute.
We additionally made some tremendous rad stuff for the Ahten Metropolis Music Competition!!!! You’ll want to test these out 8)

Creator Skins

You would possibly’ve seen ’em shared by us earlier than, however they’re lastly right here!

  • Moist Asher
  • Rakin Juliette
  • Lily Juno Bee

The Oni twins aren’t the one ones prepared for the music competition! A few your different favourite Strikers are stepping into the groove:

  • Idol Ai.Mi
  • Pop King Kai
  • Soundwave Atlas

What’s a music competition with out a little visible results? We threw in a pleasant new objective explosion and a pair emotes into the patch, simply to take this live performance to the subsequent stage.


  • [NEW FORWARD GEAR] Siphoning Wand :: Hits deal bonus injury equal to five% of the enemy’s max Stagger over 2.5s, therapeutic the consumer for a similar quantity.
  • [BUGFIX] Mounted a problem the place gear advantages would generally be misplaced when if goalies ventured to the very edges of the map.
  • 25% bonus knockback to staggered targets → now grants 10% extra knockback to all targets

Making a online game is tough. We bumped into some bugs, however we squashed some bugs too! Right here’s a pair specifically that we squashed. Thanks for all of your diligence in reporting them!!

  • Finish of match display in non-English languages not reveals bizarre debug textual content.
  • Omega Strikers not crashes Nintendo Change when enjoying in 60 FPS!
  • Core, objective gates, and objective limitations not disappear when useless.
  • Mounted an error that repeatedly triggered gamers to fail to hook up with video games throughout the loading display.
    • THIS ONE IN PARTICULAR IS REALLY NASTY. It’s going to probably nonetheless happen on consoles, so if this retains occurring to you, PLEASE tell us!
  • Battle go icon has been up to date to point out Season 2 content material.
  • Atlas Lab Recharge time indicator is now pink as an alternative of inexperienced. Simply a further warning that you must get away from the realm as an alternative of attempting to choose it up as a result of it 


  • Numerous different small bug and crash fixes.
  • Mounted a bug on Gamepads the place fast casting a solid at location motion means on sure settings would solid immediately at your Striker’s toes as an alternative of at most vary.
    • Impacts:
      • Juno Secondary
      • Estelle Secondary
      • Ai.mi Secondary
      • Zentaro Particular

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