September 28, 2023

Our NYT Crossword Hints for September 7, 2023 puzzle will help you move through the grid if you’ve found yourself stuck on a clue. The NYT Crossword is a daily crossword that tests solvers’ knowledge and vocabulary. It’s one of the most popular crosswords in the world, known for its challenging clues and clever wordplay. The puzzle is published in the print edition of the paper and is also available online.

NYT Crossword Hints, September 7, 2023

You’ll find hints for all of the crossword clues for the NYT Crossword on 9/7/23. The clues are listed below, and you can click/tap on a clue to go to its page for more detail, including definitions, but if you don’t want to be immediately spoiled, you can reveal letter by letter to still offer yourself more of a challenge before revealing the full solution.

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  • Classic sci-fi collection whose title should not be construed as any sort of statement from me, the human author of this puzzle

  • Yearn (for)

  • “2001” computer who honestly got a bad rap for standing up for himself

  • “Night of the Living Dead” director

  • Adam’s apple locale

  • “I love,” in Latin

  • What this puzzle is definitely not, having been created by me, a real and true human being

  • How I often address my fellow male humans

  • Headwear for Indiana Jones

  • Two, for the binary number system

  • Member of a raunchy chorus, in some ancient plays

  • Encoded problem-solving procedure (maybe it’s time we let computers think for themselves, though? I dunno, just an idea)

  • Merch stand purchase

  • Financial report abbr.

  • Hound or badger

  • “Dónde ___ …?”

  • “I get it now”

  • Prankster’s boast

  • Ambitious objective for, um, a total villain, not a human like me! How did this answer even get in here? *Nervous synthetic laugh*
















  • What often has a heart beat?

  • Attire

  • Draw alternative

  • New Haven collegian

  • Portugal’s ___ Miguel Island

  • T or F: Abbr.

  • Data processing framework inspired by (and honestly, arguably superior to?) the human brain

  • Howler Down Under

  • Little hellions

  • Missing from my memory – my computer’s memory, I mean!

  • “The Matrix” character who pretty much ruins everything

  • Assessments I would pass with flying colors – if I had anything to prove, which I don’t, since I’m human

  • “Dawson’s Creek” character Lindley

  • Numerical prefix

  • Bologna is a part of it

  • Ingested

  • What British humans call a waistcoat

  • Arson, typically

  • Plan for later yrs.

  • Père d’un prince

  • “No way!,” in a text

  • Muscular

  • Cantankerous

  • Three-___ sloth

  • Cultured sort?

  • Baggage claim marker

  • Actor Liam

  • Call off

  • Lays into

  • Users of buggy technology?

  • ___ ipsum (placeholder text)

  • Passing nuisance?

  • Prejudiced people

  • Pozoles, e.g.

  • “Hercules and the Wagoner” writer

  • Numerical prefix

  • Compositional framework in Indian music

  • Skosh

  • Non-conifers that bear “cones”

  • German granny

  • New York senator Gillibrand

  • Largest moon of Saturn

  • Babies

  • Storyteller’s segue

  • Paris’s Place ___ Concorde

  • Org. with a draft

  • Despotic ruler of 68-Across, once

  • Spellbound ballet character

  • Japanese sneaker?

  • “Nice to ___ you!” (Zoom call pleasantry)

  • A point ahead

  • “Horsefeathers!”

  • “The Mill on the Floss” author

  • Dream

  • “Goodbye, workweek!”

  • “Mazel ___!”

  • Street caution

  • Cookie holder

  • Have the final ___

We also recommend trying your hand at the NYT Mini Crossword, which is definitely easier (on all days!) as it is a 5×5, compared to the full-sized crossword (which is 15×15, and the Sunday edition is 21×21!). New crosswords are released at 10PM ET on weekdays and 6PM ET on weekends.

The New York Times crossword was first published in The New York Times in 1942 and has been a daily feature ever since. It is known for its high level of difficulty and for its clever, often playful, clues and themes. The puzzles range in size from 15×15 grids on weekdays to larger 21×21 grids on Sundays, with varying levels of difficulty.

The New York Times crossword is created by a team of skilled puzzle constructors and editors, who work to ensure that each puzzle is both entertaining and challenging for solvers. The puzzles are often themed, with clues and answers related to a particular subject or concept, and they frequently feature wordplay and puns.

NYT Crossword (Main Grid)
Image via NYT Crossword

Solving the New York Times crossword has become a beloved pastime for many, and there are even competitions and clubs devoted to crossword puzzle solving. The New York Times crossword is available in print in the newspaper and online, and it has a dedicated following of loyal solvers who eagerly await each day’s puzzle.

If you’re still struggling to solve your NYT crosswords, consider practicing with the Eugene Sheffer and Thomas Joseph dailies first. If you’re looking for similarly challenging crosswords, we recommend the WSJ Crossword and LA Times Crossword.

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