Nvidia GeForce NOW Adds Day Passes


  • Nvidia’s GeForce NOW introduces Day Passes, offering 6-8 hour cloud streaming sessions for gamers who want to test out options.
  • Players can choose between Priority and Ultimate Day Passes, with access to specific rigs offering up to 4k resolution and 120 FPS.
  • GeForce NOW’s service model limits server access but provides a cost-effective way for gamers to play briefly without committing to a full subscription.

Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform, GeForce NOW, has added Day Passes to its services. Nvidia GeForce NOW’s existence is a mark of the current era of gaming, There appears to be an increasing amount of players who may want to test out options before investing in a dedicated gaming platform.

Additionally, distributors want to make as much money as they can while offering services to players, so in the past couple of years, the live service model has flourished, both as a means of offering access to game libraries, as well as accessing specific games, most popularly seen in the form of subscription services for libraries and battle passes for games. GeForce NOW offers cloud-streaming access to Nvidia rigs that are made to play games the user purchases or already owns, eliminating the potential difficulties of buying or building a specialized PC.


Nvidia GeForce Now Free Users Will Soon Get Ads

Nvidia announces that gamers who take advantage of GeForce Now’s free tier will soon be seeing ads in the cloud gaming service.

GeForce NOW Day Passes have been made available. These Day Passes offer full 24-hour access to the GeForce cloud gaming service suite. Players are offered two types of passes, a Priority Day and an Ultimate Day Pass, offering the perks of their respective forms of GeForce NOW membership. Priority Day Passes cost $3.99, and Ultimate Day Passes cost $7.99. The Priority Passes offer up to 1080p resolution and 60 FPS on Premium Rigs for 6-hour sessions, and the Ultimate Passes offer up to 4k resolution and 120 FPS on RTX 4080 Rigs for 8-hour sessions.

Nvidia GeForce NOW Day Pass Details

  • Priority Day Pass:
    • Premium Rig with RTX ON
    • Priority Access to Premium Servers
    • 6-Hour Session Length
    • Up to 1080p Resolution
    • Up to 60 FPS
    • No Ads
  • Ultimate Day Pass:
    • Geforce RTX 4080 Rig with RTX ON
    • Exclusive Access to RTX 4080 Servers
    • 80-Hour Session Length
    • Up to 4k Resolution
    • Up to 120 FPS
    • No Ads

The GeForce NOW passes offer a deal that could be advantageous to gamers who want to play something briefly but are not willing to spend on a full-fledged subscription to the service. That being said, the offer may simply entice potential buyers based on the idea that they would save their money with a long-term subscription, the monthly Priority price at $9.99 for 1 month and $49.99 for 6 months, and Ultimate at $19.99 for 1 month and $99.99 for 6 months.

An interesting aspect of GeForce NOW’s service model is the limits on server access. Session length remains controlled regardless of the subscription purchased, but it increases for players who access higher tiers. There is no limit to the number of times a session can be started, but there will be queues to access servers and for Day Passes as well as subscriptions. Hours are counted as soon as the purchase is made, in contrast to a model that counts the hours a member spends in an Nvidia application or playing specific games.

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