Ninja Kiwi acquires AutoAttack, the team behind Legion TD 2

  • Ninja Kiwi, the developers behind Bloons TD 6, has acquired fellow studio AutoAttack
  • Does this mean they’re working on a new Bloons game with this influx of new talent?
  • And what’s it mean for fans of Legion TD 2

Ninja Kiwi, the developers behind hit Simian defence simulator Bloons TD 6, has acquired a new studio. And interestingly, it’s AutoAttack, the devs behind Legion TD 2. So what’s it all about? And does bringing in experienced devs on other tower defence games mean that there’s something on the cards for Bloons fans? Let’s dig in and find out…

Tower Defence magnates
Yozora, one of the characters from Legion TD 2

If you’re not familiar, Legion TD started off as a mod for Warcraft III, before being spun off into its own game series. Boasting a vibrant fan community, just like its peer Bloons, Legion TD 2 has gone from strength to strength. So with the devs of AutoAttack jumping on board, does this mean we’re looking at a new Bloons game in the works?

Well, it would make sense for the devs at Ninja Kiwi to expand in that way, but acquiring a studio doesn’t mean you just fold them into your own workforce. It could very well be that AutoAttack continues to exist and operate independently – although Ninja Kiwi could theoretically call on their expertise to accelerate a possible sequel to Bloons TD 6.

What’s definite is that Ninja Kiwi seems to be slowly cornering the market on great tower defence games. They’ve confirmed that a new game in the Legion franchise is in the works, which means that Ninja Kiwi will, by extension, have an even bigger presence.

Here’s hoping that this means we’ve got something coming soon from both studios together!

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