Nightingale: Best Starting Base Locations

Like many survival games, Nightingale also incorporates a base-building mechanism. If you aim for a smoother journey, the most crucial decision during your initial hours is selecting the location for your first base.

Nightingale‘s world operates distinctively from other titles. It features three types of realms, and all three are procedurally generated. This implies that no two players will experience the same environment, and no one can tell you the exact spot where you should build your base. You must determine for yourself where to build your first home base. However, there are a few strategies you can use to choose the right location. This guide offers tips to assist in making that decision.


How to Save in Nightingale

Nightingale is an always-online survival adventure with no manual save, close it properly to save your progress.

Selecting The Best Biome in Nightingale

Your first task is to choose the ideal biome, as it will have the most significant impact on your journey. The game presents three biomes: Forest, Desert, and Swamp, each offering a very different experience. It is essential to understand more about each biome before making your decision.

Forest Biome

nightingale player in forest biome

The Forest Biome is precisely as it sounds – a wooded area with abundant essential resources such as wood, stone, and more. Though it includes mountainous terrain, it’s not unconquerable. Equipping yourself with climbing picks will render even mountains navigable, and switching to third-person mode can simplify traversal in this region. The creatures in this biome are fairly easy to defeat, and the weather is not extreme, making it more manageable. Additionally, Sites of Power, significant points of interest, can be easily found in this area.

Desert Biome

nightingale player in desert biome

The Desert Biome presents a bit more difficulty due to its harsh environment – it is a desert, after all. Moreover, there is a scarcity of wood, which can complicate your initial journey. Nevertheless, the Desert Biome can prove advantageous if you know what you are doing. Constructing your base near water and trees can alleviate many challenges. Additionally, the biome provides many caves filled with priceless resources. Thanks to these, clever players can hasten their progression and obtain advanced gear more quickly.

Swamp Biome

nightingale player in swamp biome

The Swamp Biome stands out as the most challenging biome in Nightingale, teeming with creatures that can gut you in seconds. Navigating its terrain proves difficult, due to the presence of poisonous water. Despite offering the highest quality resources, the negatives of this biome far outweigh the positives. It is strongly advised that new players steer clear of this realm until they gain experience.


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Which Biome Is The Best For A Base?

The Forest Biome stands out as the best choice for the majority of Nightingale players, due to its less hostile environment. Though the initial stages of your journey will involve some grinding, it is a preferable alternative to facing repeated deaths. While opting for the Desert Biome remains a viable choice, it’s advisable only if you consider yourself an expert in survival games and want faster access to superior gear. Once again, it’s recommended to steer clear of the Swamp Biome as your starting realm.

Selecting the Best Spot for the First Base

nightingale player meeting essence trader

Once you’ve chosen your first biome, assuming it is the Forest Biome, your next task is to find a spot that meets a couple of conditions:

  1. The primary consideration in selecting your base location should be proximity to an Essence Trader. These merchants sell crucial resources, including must-have beginner’s items. Since you’ll need to visit this trader multiple times, building your base nearby is a practical choice. So, go ahead and build an Estate Cairn here.
  2. To ensure a steady supply of resources for building further structures, it is a smart move to build your base near areas containing items such as wood, stone, water, and fiber.
  3. Your base should also be close to Sites of Power. These are mini-dungeons that reward their explorers with Major Realm cards. The first one you will encounter should be the Antiquarian Site of Power.

Typically, these conditions can be fulfilled by selecting a location near the center of the map. Thoughtful planning and consideration of these factors will enhance your survival chances and make progression in the game a bit easier.

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February 20, 2024

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