NHL 24 Tuner Update For January Arrives Tomorrow

A new NHL 24 tuner update is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, January 25 at noon EST addressing offensive puck ragging, straight line hustling and CPU teammate penalties. Check out the details below.

Offensive Puck Ragging:

Community Feedback:  Players can take advantage of the Full Pressure system to puck rag in the offensive zone and run out the clock.

  • Removed the Adrenaline Energy Modifier so the offensive team will drain energy at their normal rate.
  • Removed the Pinned Attribute Debuff for the defensive team.
  • Full Pressure will continue to modify the energy drain for defensive skaters.
  • This puts emphasis on defending teams to pick their moments to attack the puck carrier, and allow teams to get fresh legs on the ice if there is a whistle.

Community Feedback:  Pressure should not be gained through simple offensive zone puck possession. This encourages players to continuously cycle the puck to build up Pressure instead of actively attacking the opposing team.

  • Severely reduced the amount of pressure gained through Offensive Puck Possession.

Hustling and Energy:

Community Feedback: Straight line hustling is a very prominent strategy. Skaters who have no energy are able to hustle at high speed, allowing them to stay ahead of defenders even when exhausted. Tiring out a skater should carry more risk, making players pick their moments to Hustle or conserve energy.

  • Hustling when exhausted will no longer provide any hustle speed bonus. 
  • Increased Hustle Energy drain by 33%.. 
  • Increased overall Energy impact to max skating speed by 10%.
  • Player’s max skating speed is now affected when their energy is 33% depleted. Previously, max skating speed was affected when their energy was 50% depleted.
  • Reduced WOC Energy Drain from acceleration by 16%, to make it consistent with other modes.

Additional Updates:

  • Further reduced the CPU Teammate Penalty slider to lower the chances of CPU Teammate penalties.