New York Times Wordle Hints and Answers for #909 December 15, 2023

Another Wordle puzzle is here, and today’s is challenging enough that even long-time players of the game might be in need of help.

Wordle is a short daily game that was purchased by the New York Times Games back in 2022, where it is still hosted. You can play this short game once a day on the newspaper’s games site or the Crossword app, and it can get very challenging. If the word has too many repeated letters or is just an uncommon word filled with uncommon letters, you can really get stuck while playing. If you are in this situation and you need a few hints, you can find anything you need to help you get through the puzzle today with a win below.

Wordle #909 Hints for December 15, 2023

For today’s Wordle puzzle, you might be looking for a starting word to get you off on the right foot or maybe some hints as to what makes up this five-letter word. In each expandable section below is something that may be of help to you.


How to Play the New York Times Wordle

Every day, the New York Times Games has a new 5-letter word to challenge Wordle players, and this word can range from pretty easy to very difficult.

Great Starting Wordle Word for Today’s Puzzle

Today’s Wordle’s Part of Speech

Number of Vowels in Today’s Wordle

Number of Repeated Letters in Today’s Wordle

Similar Words to Today’s Wordle

Letters Spoilers for Wordle #909, December 15, 2023

Letter spoilers can help anyone who is completely lost to get back on track or help out anyone who started with a word that didn’t help them much today. Each “Read More” section below contains just one letter of the Wordle word and its position in the word. This way, you won’t spoil more for yourself than intended.

Letter One:

Letter Two:

Letter Three:

Letter Four:

Letter Five:

#909 Wordle Answer for December 15, 2023

Just looking for the full spoiler for today’s puzzle? It was quite challenging, so some of you out there might just be ready to see the whole word. No problem, just check the expandable section below; inside it is the full answer to today’s puzzle. Spoiler warning ahead.

Want to play? Check out the New York Times Games Wordle website available on almost any device with a browser.

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