New York Times Strands Hints and Answers for March 20, 2024

It’s time for a new Strands puzzle from the New York Times Games, and you’ll need to find several words and a category inside the grid of letters.

Strands is back with a whole new grid of letters. If you want to win today’s puzzle, you will not only need to understand the rules of how to play Strands, but you’ll also need a little bit of luck or the in-game hint system. But if you’re unable to find enough non-themed puzzle words to get a hint, or you don’t like the in-game hint system, you can find general hints, spoilers, and the whole answer to today’s puzzle below.

The NYT Games Strands Puzzle for March 20, 2024


The clue to today’s Strands puzzle is Back and Forth. There are seven words and one Spangram, making a total of eight things to find.


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New York Times Games Strands Clues

Searching for some clues to help you with this innovative puzzle game that won’t spoil the positions of the words? Each of the expandable sections below has a general clue to the whole puzzle that won’t give too much away. Click the Read More buttons on the hints to see what’s inside each.

General Hint 1

General Hint 2

General Hint 3

Spoilers for Two of the Words in Today’s Strands

Want to know where just a word or two is located to get your foot in the door? Check out the two expandable sections below; each of them only has one word in them.

Spoiler 1

Spoiler 2

The Answer to Today’s New York Times Games Strands

And finally, here is the full spoiler for this puzzle game that kids could play. If you are stuck, check out the expandable section below to see all the words, the Spangram, and their placements.

Today’s Strands Explained

Struggling to connect the words to the Spangram? The expandable section below has the explanation for today’s Strands puzzle.

Want to play? Check out the New York Times Games Strands website available on almost any device with a browser.

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March 4, 2024

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