New York Times Connections Hints and Answers for #307 April 13, 2024

Connections is a short daily puzzle game about sorting words into mystery categories. While the rules of how to play Connections are pretty simple, actually solving one of these puzzles is pretty difficult. You need to know all the words, be familiar with all the categories without knowing what they are, and you will also need to think outside the box.


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Puzzle games are typically a single-player experience, but these games buck that trend and allow for some PvP puzzle-solving.

If you are stuck and running out of guesses, you might be in need of some helpful hints. Detailed in the article below, you will find all the help you need to solve this challenging puzzle.

Words in the NYT Connections Puzzle #307 for April 13, 2024


The Connections puzzle for today contains the words: Joker, Hair, Ring, Witch, Lion, Clown, Sinner, Wardrobe, Tent, Scarecrow, Makeup, Wizard, Props, Smoker, Trapeze, and Lover.

What is the Definition of Trapeze?

A trapeze is similar to a swing, but it is a bar hung from ropes. It is used in gymnastics and acrobatics. There is another definition for this word; on a sailboat, it is “a device by which a crew member can be suspended almost completely outboard while hiking,” according to

Hints for the NYT Connections Puzzle #307 for April 13, 2024

If you would like to see some hints for this challenging mobile puzzle game, you can find them in the sections below. These include general hints, category hints, and even some spoilers.

Some General Hints for the Whole Connections Puzzle 307

Yellow NYT Connections Category Hints

Yellow Connections Category Answer

Yellow Connections Category Answer and All Four Words

Green NYT Connections Category Hints

Green Connections Category Answer

Green Connections Category Answer and All Four Words

Blue NYT Connections Category Hints

Blue Connections Category Answer

Blue Connections Category Answer and All Four Words

Purple NYT Connections Category Hints

Purple Connections Category Answer

Purple Connections Category Answer and All Four Words

Answers for Today’s NYT Connections #307 for April 13, 2024

If you want to see the full spoiler for the New York Times Connections, you can find it in the expandable section below. Click the Read More button to see the categories and all the words that belong in each.

Want to play? Check out the New York Times Games Connections website, available on almost any device with a browser.


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