New twisted puzzle game Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix and Kill lets you be a horror film slasher

Lookout slasher film fans, this one’s for you. Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix and Kill has launched on Google Play and the App Store. A sequel to the award-winning 2016 horror puzzle game Slayaway Camp, Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix and Kill puts you in the shoes of an evil slasher villain.

From Netflix and Blue Wizard Digital, Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix and Kill is a violent horror game and the developer promises to up the ante compared to the original. The game begins when foolish campers summon the evil slasher villain Skullface. As Skullface, or one of the other various killers you’ll unlock, slay your way through camp. But you won’t just prey on campers. You’ll also stalk victims across fields, prisons, basements and even on aeroplanes.

Eviscerate your victims and experience all the comical cartoony gore the game has to offer. Hunt your prey across a grid-style level and use obstacles and trickery to prevent them from escaping. Shake pine trees to scare campers, trick them into running into fires or off docks.

Unlock slashers like Skullface’s Mom, Killer Fridge and Robot Police Person. Beyond slasher villains, you can also unlock and play as Beasts, Sorcerers, Monsters and Ghosts. Playable characters that fall outside the Slasher category all have a special ability. The new Netflix game also offers bonus challenges to complete and you can find weapons like machetes hidden in some of the game’s levels.

Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix and Kill also feature comedic cinematic finishing moves which play out at the end of a level. You’ll unlock levels in various movie genres, such as Wilderness Terrors, Sci-fi Frights and Dark Violent Family Comedies. You can even partake in mini-games like FearLeader, in which you play as a possessed cheerleader and try to kill as many classmates in a row as possible.

Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix and Kill is free to all Netflix subscribers through Netflix’s Game initiative and is available on the App Store and Google Play.