New Star GP Releases in March For Consoles and Steam

New Star Games has announced their new retro-styled racing game, New Star GP, is scheduled to fully launch in March for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Steam. The game is currently available on Steam Early Access with Very Positive reviews.

The developers responsible for Retro Bowl, Retro Goal and New Star Soccer have seamlessly translated their simple-to-play retro style into games with a surprising amount of depth and detail, a characteristic that players have come to expect and appreciate. That doesn’t change with New Star GP.

Embark on a racing journey through Career Mode, starting in the 80s and progressing through decades, upgrading your car and support team. Alternatively, chase high scores in Championship Mode solo or with friends, featuring 176 diverse events, such as time trials, checkpoint races and GP styled races. Compete against 45 unique drivers with distinct personalities and styles on 17 stunning tracks worldwide, each offering a varied racing experience with different weather conditions and track abrasion values.

The support team, including engineers and pit staff, unlocks 86 perks over the decades, enhancing performance on and off the track. Customize your racing experience with 15 unlockable car body shells, 60+ personalization items and unique car livery designs. Immerse yourself in off-track role-playing events and dilemmas, creating a game with the DNA of a New Star Games title in a retro arcade racer.

In addition to Career Mode, New Star GP offers 17 unique championship competitions, playable solo or with up to 4 players. Each competition features distinct tracks and settings and a creation mode allows players to craft bespoke championships with adjustable parameters for a personalized racing experience in single or multiplayer mode.