New season 1-4 content and events schedule

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Ubisoft’s long-awaited pirates game is finally out for players to enjoy. It’s been a very long and torturous wait, but now gamers can realize the dream of abandoning life on land to become a no-good scallywag pirate. The game is a live-service title that will be regularly supported post-launch, and Ubisoft has shared the official Skull and Bones roadmap for season 1-4 to outline all of the new upcoming content.

It is only the early access version of Skull and Bones that is out right now. If you haven’t purchased the Premium edition, you simply need to wait until February 16th to begin pirating for booty. If you participated in Ubisoft’s free demo, the good news is that your open beta progress does carry over to the full game.

The title was stuck in development hell, but it has finally escaped the confines of Davy Jones’ locker. Now you and your friends can team up in crossplay multiplayer to wander the seas and battle other ships as well as sea beasties. There’s lots of content from day one, but even more is getting added post-launch as per the official roadmap for season 1-4.

Skull and Bones season 1-4 roadmap

Ubisoft has shared the official Skull and Bones year 1 roadmap. This is for 2024-25 and it outlines some of the upcoming content planned for season 1-4 post-launch. There are no specific dates listed for each chapter, but below is all of the content outlined for each upcoming episode:

  • Season 1 – Raging Tides:
    • Battle Phillipe La Peste
    • Faction convoys
    • Kingpin Tylosaurus
    • Territory control
    • New takeover opportunities: Hostile Takeover and Legendary Heist
    • Rewards
  • Season 2 – Chorus of Havoc:
    • Battle Hubac Twins
    • Dragon Boat event
    • Compagnie Warship
    • The Megalodon
    • Fleet management
    • New takeover opportunities
    • Rewards
  • Season 3 – Into the Dragon’s Wake:
    • Battle Li Tian Ning
    • Halloween event
    • New world events
    • Legendary sea monster
    • New major feature
    • New takeover opportunities
    • Rewards
  • Season 4 – Shadows of the Deep:
    • Battle Mystery Rival
    • Lunar New Year event
    • New world events
    • Legendary sea monster
    • New major feature
    • New takeover opportunities
    • Rewards
Image credit: Ubisoft

As you can see from all of the above, seasons 1-2 are more outlined than 3-4. Some of the really exciting upcoming content to anticipate include the addition of more sea monsters such as the infamous Megalodon and the Kingpin Tylosaurus. The Halloween event for season 3 is exciting, too, as is the Lunar New Year event for the beginning of 2025.

Per Ubisoft’s Year 1 FAQ, all of the new content will be available to enjoy for free. There are no specific launch dates for each season as of yet, but Ubisoft says each episode will last 12 weeks, and they will each ‘introduce dynamic changes in the world, new events, legendary rivals, and challenges for players to participate in’.

More important information to know about seasons is that your progress will carry over into each new episode, but leaderboards will reset with new rewards to unlock. In addition to seeing the roadmap graphic, you can also check out Ubisoft’s trailer to get a visual glance at the new planned content.

To help you find your legs at sea, we have a guide for how to disembark off your ship to explore land, and we also have a guide for how to fish. In addition, we have a guide for how to join and invite friends so you can become a captain with friends rather than having to become the most famous and best-ever pirate all on your own.

Skull and Bones is available on PS5, Xbox, and PC via Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games store.