New PS5 Game Shadow Dropped Without the Devs Even Knowing About It


  • Bit Planet Games was taken by surprise when the PlayStation VR2 port of Ultrawings 2 was released prematurely.
  • Ultrawings 2, with its colorful visuals and easy-to-grasp mechanics, was well received on PC and Meta Quest VR headsets, and players praised it as an improvement over the original Ultrawings.
  • The PS VR2 version of Ultrawings 2 features unique aircraft, hundreds of missions, and full HOTAS support, and it utilizes the haptic feedback system of the PS VR2 Sense controller.

The PlayStation VR2 port of the critically acclaimed flight simulator Ultrawings 2 has been prematurely released, and developer Bit Planet Games has no idea how it happened. Despite being blindsided by the surprise launch, Bit Planet Games is already trying to deliver updates for its title.

Initially released for the PC and Meta Quest VR headsets in 2022, Ultrawings 2 won the hearts of many with its colorful visuals, easy-to-grasp mechanics, and fun gameplay loop. On Steam, where the title has a mostly positive overall rating, players praised Ultrawings 2 for being a better version of its predecessor, the original Ultrawings. Series developer Bit Planet Games was set to make its latest offering available on the Sony PlayStation 5 through the PS VR2 by early 2024, but the Texas-based studio was surprised to find out that Ultrawings 2 has already been launched on the platform without its knowledge.


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In a recent Twitter post, Bit Planet Games revealed to fans that the January 25 release of the PS VR2 version of Ultrawings 2 was completely unexpected. While the company did not know what happened, Bit Planet Games nonetheless advertised the PS5 launch, highlighting Ultrawings 2‘s selection of unique aircraft, hundreds of missions, and full HOTAS, or hands-on throttle-and-stick support. Many of the games that are compatible with the PS VR2 are simulators that can be played with special peripherals.

The newly released port of Ultrawings 2, which is a game that lets players pilot a variety of unique planes in missions that take place across an island-themed world, utilizes the PS VR2 Sense controller’s haptic feedback system. It also features real-time lighting, better visuals, and support for 90 Hz refresh rate, among other improvements.

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Ultrawings 2 PlayStation VR 2 Port

  • Release: January 25, 2024
  • Developer: Bit Planet Games

An update to address some issues of Ultrawings 2‘s PS VR2 port has already been submitted and will become available soon, according to Bit Planet Games. The developer, however, claimed that the game was still pretty solid even without having received a day-one patch. Many recent titles have launched with massive updates accompanying them, like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and its 37 GB day-one patch. As Ultrawings 2 is a game that only needs 7 GB of space, according to Steam, its first update will probably be just as humble.

Sony continues to invest heavily in true VR experiences with initiatives like the PlayStation VR2. Gamers who do not utilize the relatively new technology could still benefit from the commitment as patents suggest that Sony may incorporate VR-specific technology like gaze tracking into non-VR games.

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PlayStation VR2

The successor to the PS VR, the PlayStation VR2 is Sony’s virtual reality headset. Debuting in February 2023, the hardware is designed as a companion piece for the PlayStation 5 and requires the PS VR2 Sense controller.


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