New Palworld patch update on Xbox and PC fixes game stability issues

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Pocketpair has been committed to releasing very frequent updates and patches for their newly released survival epic. Thanks to the game’s excellence, it can be easy for some to forget that it is in early access only, which means there are bound to be bugs and problems thanks to its incomplete state. To continue fixing these problems, Pocketpair has released the new Palworld patch update on Xbox and PC today, which fixes stability issues according to the only notes shared by the developer.

While the official roadmap promises new bosses, islands, and Pals for the complete Paldeck in the future, these in-game additions will only come after the developer has finished prioritizing bug fixes. Updates 0.1.3 and were recently released, too, and the patch notes include significant bug fixes such as the infamous infinite loading screen dilemma.

Now update is out for Xbox and the Microsoft Store PC version, and more fixes have been delivered.

New Palworld patch update fixes stability issues on Xbox and PC

Pocketpair has released update today for Palworld on Xbox and the Microsoft Store PC version. There are no patch notes shared by the developer, but the Palworld_EN Twitter account says the update ‘Fixed some issues which negatively affected game stability’.

Nothing else is mentioned besides Pocketpair thanking fans for their support while reiterating their commitment to keep fixing major issues. Aside from Twitter, make sure to follow the official Pocketpair Discord so you can keep up-to-date with game patches and announcements.

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