New HamstaParty Modes and Features Unveiled at the BIG Conference in Bilbao – Gamezebo

Ukrainian developer Vireye has just unveiled the latest updates to its mobile game HamstaParty at the renowned Bilbao International Games Conference.

Apparently, it went down a storm – as after the exhibition Vireye CEO Viktoria Peshaya said that “We are thrilled to see that HamstaParty brings joy to players. It is inspiring to know that every person who played with the hamsters left our booth with a smile and a sense of delight.”

Released earlier this year, HamstaParty is a polished multiplayer online party game that sees players going head-to-head in a series of short, frantic mini-games. 

The game included mini-games Runner – which involves running around in a big wheel while avoiding obstacles and sabotage attempts – and Dodger, which involves bouncing around on a rubber ball and trying to shunt your opponents out of a big circle.

Vireye showcased significant updates to these two mini-games in Bilbao, along with a whole new one called Hamsta Jumper. This one sees you leaping from cloud to cloud, collecting resources and power-ups, and trying to get higher than any of your competitors. The key features of HamstaParty in general are as follows:

  • Memorable Characters: “HamstaParty” introduces lovable hamsters with charming animations and visuals, designed to evoke positive emotions and laughter.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: All game mechanics are fast-paced, with each duel lasting no more than 90 seconds, ensuring quick and enjoyable sessions.
  • Accessibility: The game mechanics are easy to grasp, requiring no extensive training or skill development.

Summarising the event, Vitalіі Korshunov producer at Vireye said “We showcased the latest developments from our team in Bilbao. We are confident that you will experience the quality and breakthrough level that our team has achieved since the last release of HamstaParty.”

Vireye has revealed that the next HamstaParty mini-game will arrive in early 2024, and we personally cannot wait.