New exciting Valorant Agent 25 leaks reveal name, gender and cool design

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Valorant Episode 8 Act 2 hasn’t introduced much new to the game other than changes to Premier mode and a fresh battle pass. Fans are desperate for a new playable character, and the good news is that the elusive Agent 25 will be unveiled in just a couple of weeks. Before Riot Games’ reveal happens, new Valorant Agent 25 leaks have unearthed the character’s name, gender, and character design. 

Riot Games’ multiplayer epic has over two dozen fantastic playable characters, and fans have debated which ones most need nerfs and buffs in the next update. The patch notes for update 8.04 are available online, and the only thing they do in relation to agents is fix a few issues.

While nerfs and buffs are always appreciated amongst the community, it’s new characters that get fans excited the most. We’ve known about the mysterious Agent 25 for a while now, and leaks are sharing more revealing details as the official unveiling gets closer.

New Valorant Agent 25 leaks

A message from Deadlock has revealed the name of Agent 25 for Valorant. The message was shared on Twitter by ValorantLeaksEN, and the original message is in German. However, Twitter user Catoquest has shared a translation of the message.

The translated message from Deadlock says ‘Omen delivered Clove as promised’. It also says ‘Clove is smart, has a good intuition and is guaranteed to be fearless’. Of course, this means the new character is named Clove.

Away from just the character’s name, their gender and design have also been shared online. League of Legends YouTuber ChowZ has posted a tweet that says ‘Cloaked in a pink jacket, she fits through the fray’. The post also describes her as ‘Scotland’s girl with a mischievous grin’.

Although they are predominantly League of Legends, this tweet is about Agent 25 as it includes artwork from Valorant. In addition to being a Scottish girl wearing a pink jacket, the post reveals that ‘CONTROL is her domain’ and that ‘One moment she dies, the next she’s alive’.

Image credit: @ChowZ_Channel on Twitter

All of this corroborates with other leaks. Fans are ready to main Agent 25 because of leaks pointing to a self-revive ability, meanwhile, voice messages from Fade and Cypher alluded to the character being from Edinburgh, Scotland. We now know that she is a ‘girl with a mischievous grin,’ along with her name being Clove, and that she is ‘Cloaked in a pink jacket’. 

Riot Games will officially reveal Agent 25 on March 24th. For more Valorant, check out our 18 tips on how to get better at the game along with our guide for how to appear offline if you don’t want certain friends knowing you’re playing. We also have guides for how to chat with the team, all, and private, along with how to add friends.