New 1.011 Update. Vote for serial killer surreal madness on the Indie of The Year Top 100! news – The Gray Man

IndieDB is hosting its annual Indie of The Year Awards, and The Gray Man reached the Top 100 in the first round of voting. Now, let’s try the Top 10! Got a new minor update!

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I want to thank everybody who voted for this bizarre game and all the people who have been supporting it since the demo. Now the final round of the competition is ongoing; please vote for the game one more time!

Indie of the Year Awards

You can find the this particular game on “Point and click” category listed on this URL !

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I’m bringing a new update that makes minor adjustments based on feedback and self-testing of the game.

  • Some items will not disappear spontaneously during the game. And when they do, the player will be notified.
  • In the basement, an unlikely player block could happen (direction to the secret room). Fixed.
  • Phantom in Obscure City at the end of Act 2 will appear less frequently. Especially on Regular difficulty.
  • Fragments of memories and conversations in Obscure City are more consistent to convey Anthony’s subconscious situation.
  • Minor overall changes in Act 3.
  • Added a minor hint on the inability to interact with the inventory if the player is holding the body of the dead woman on their shoulders at the beginning of the third act.
  • The shovel at the fresh grave in the final part of the sequence at the beginning of Act 3 has disappeared. Corrected. Additionally added minor interaction with it.
  • The Axe will no longer be available in the house if the “Kill” option is chosen at the end of Act 3.
  • Minor overall changes in Act 4.
  • If the player makes the wrong decision in Act 4 to go to either the basement or the old bedroom, they will correctly receive the “Lust”, possession by the Whisperer.
  • Wrong decision in Act 4 in the cottage resulted in not being able to properly light the cottage on fire + the ability to leave. Fixed.
  • For the first bossfight phase in Act 5, added a hint on how the mechanic of the 1st Source of Destruction works.
  • Minor overall adjustments to Act 5, the bossfight, and the alternate endings of the game.
  • The Start button on the gamepad can now also open and close pause screen!
  • The intro text and notifications when starting the game will have a longer duration. The skip option remains the same.

Every vote counts! Thank you in advance for helping me achieve better attention in this huge world full of great indie games. May everyone do well! Seeya