Nevada Felon Again Faces Judge He Viciously Attacked, This Time the Outcome Was Much Different – RedState

The video of Judge Mary Kay Holthus being attacked last Wednesday by a three-time felon whom she was just about to sentence for an April 2023 baseball bat assault is not something you can unsee.

As RedState previously reported, Holthus was right on the verge of handing down the sentence for Deobra Delone Redden, who is 30, when Redden jumped over the defense’s table and the judge’s bench and attacked her, knocking her to the floor as others in the courtroom tried to pull him off of her and subdue him, which they finally did but with some difficulty.

For those who missed the shocking moment, watch:

Redden allegedly admitted he wanted to kill the judge, per court documents.

Thankfully, though “stiff and sore,” Judge Holthus was back at work the next day. Three others were also injured, including a marshal who had to go to the hospital for a head injury. A Hazmat crew was also called in to clean and sanitize the courtroom due to the presence of blood.

In an update to this story, Redden appeared at the Clark County District Courthouse Monday once again to get the sentence that was delayed due to his attack on the judge.

This was the scene just before the proceedings got underway:

Unlike the first appearance, there reportedly was a courtroom “full of marshals.” Redden was also decked out in attire that was more befitting a violent repeat felon including orange mitten restraints, chained handcuffs, and a spit guard:

Sitting before him was Judge Holthus, who made clear her sentencing had not been impacted by what happened Wednesday:

Judge Holthus emphasized that Mr. Redden was being sentenced solely on an April 2023 battery charge, to which he had previously pleaded guilty. She said any charges related to his attack last week would be handled by a different judge.

“For purposes of the record,” Judge Holthus said, “I want to make it clear that I am not changing or modifying the sentence I was in the process of imposing last week before I was interrupted by defendant’s actions.”

In addition to handing down the prison sentence, she also required Mr. Redden to pay several hundred dollars in administrative fees.


Redden is scheduled to stand before a different judge Tuesday for the attack on Holthus. He had been scheduled to do so last Thursday but refused to show up.

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