Netflix Users Threaten to ‘Cancel’ Subscriptions over Sexually Explicit Series

Some Netflix users have been threatening to “cancel” their subscriptions over an alleged explicit series about a famous porn star.

Released on March 6, the seven-part series Supersex tells the story of Rocco Tano, a man from Ortona, Italy, who became the most famous porn star in the world in 1986 under the name Rocco Siffredi. He acted in more than 1,500 X-rated films and may have possibly had sex with over 5,000 people. Per the Daily Mail:

The drama has been rated by Netflix strictly for viewers aged 18 and over – but that hasn’t stopped fans from sharing their disgust over the ‘inappropriate’ content released by the steaming giant.

The steamy, seconds-long scene was posted by Netflix on its U.S. Instagram page on March 7, before it was mysteriously deleted.

The short video featured the show’s star, the Italian actor Alessandro Borghi, making out and thrusting against several scantily clad women.

The clip disappeared from the Netflix Instagram account within a few hours, though it remains unclear if the platform deleted it due to fan backlash. Either way, several Netflix users voiced their displeasure over the series and threatened to cancel their subscriptions.

“Now we have porn on Netflix as well? Cancelling account while we speak, my kids can’t see this,” one commenter said.

“Isn’t this inappropriate for a platform where KIDS FOLLOW YOU?!” another commenter said.

“Are we just making porn mainstream now? It’s pretty sickening that there is no warning on explicit content like this,” said another. “Yet women who post a picture breastfeeding are flagged. This should be a separate category on Netflix if you want to put stuff like this out.”

“It’s really sad that this is accepted in modern culture. The hyper-sexualisation of our society and generation is depressing and degrading to the value of both genders,” another said.

Series creator Francesca Manieri told the Independent her intention was to “put men in front of themselves.”

“This is what we call the phallocentric system, the system in which the dick is the centrum of the thought before everything,” she said. “So what can you do right now, [in] 2024, to understand the relationship between men and women? And how can men put themselves in front of the image of their symbolic dick and try to deconstruct all of this?”

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