Neglected Characters That Will Shine In The Final Saga 


  • Koby, Urouge, and Smoker are characters in One Piece who have been neglected but are likely to have major roles in the Final Saga.
  • Tashigi, Nico Robin, and Usopp are other characters who need more attention and are expected to have significant story arcs in the Final Saga.
  • Nami, Shanks, and Dragon are important characters who fans are eager to see more of, and the Final Saga will provide the opportunity for them to shine.

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece has an impeccable cast of characters that he has built over the years. Of course, given the massive scale of the One Piece world and the many characters that often require attention, a few are, understandably, bound to be neglected at one point or another.


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There are many characters in One Piece that have been neglected but are now going to get the chance to shine, simply because the story is in the final saga and the time is ripe for them to show what they can truly do when given the opportunity.

9 Koby

A Captain Of SWORD

Koby One Piece

Koby is a member of the Marines and one individual that fans should absolutely expect to see a lot of in the Final Saga. Fans have already seen bits from him and the Egghead Island arc, where he managed to awaken his latent powers.

Koby aims to become an Admiral of the Marines. Furthermore, he is one of the good guys in the Navy and, given that the World Government will likely be toppled in this saga, fans should expect to see a lot of him.

8 Urouge

A Member Of The Worst Generation


As a member of the Worst Generation, Urouge is a character who certainly requires more attention. Out of all members of this group, he’s the only one who hasn’t been focused on at all.

Urouge is from a sky race that has been largely left unexplored by Oda. It shouldn’t be long until he comes into focus. Most likely, Urouge could be involved in the Elbaf arc or the ones that come after.

7 Smoker

A Marine Vice Admiral

Smoker Avoiding An Attack With His Logia Powers In One Piece

Another member of the Marines who would be heavily involved when the World Government is toppled is Smoker. Fans have seen Smoker quite a bit in the story, however, ever since Punk Hazard, he has been cut out of the plot entirely.

He is one of the most interesting members of the Marines and it is inevitable for him to be involved heavily in the Final Saga. Fans need to be more patient and wait for him to make his proper return.

6 Tashigi

A Marine Captain

Tashigi in One Piece

Just like Smoker, Tashigi is a character who has been neglected often in One Piece. In fact, she is a character who needs quite a lot of attention, especially since she has a very intriguing dream that she wishes to fulfill. Yet, she never gets the attention that she deserves.


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In the Final Saga, she needs to be involved in the plot and further her dream, especially now that she has been termed as the future of the Navy by Garp himself.

5 Nico Robin

The Straw Hat Archaeologist

nico Robin sea serpent

Nico Robin, the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates, is yet another individual who requires a lot of attention in the Final Saga. Given that this saga of One Piece will dive deep into the history of the One Piece world, Robin will have her time to shine.

Fans should fully expect her to be one of the most important characters in this part of the story.

4 Usopp

The Straw Hats’ Sniper

Usopp (One Piece) black anime male character

Just like Robin, Usopp is another Straw Hat who has often been neglected in One Piece. While he does play small roles here and there in every arc, Usopp needs major focus in One Piece and this is likely going to come very soon.

Fans already know that the Straw Hat Pirates are likely going to be headed to Elbaf after the war on Egghead concludes. This is the place where Usopp is going to get a lot of attention. His character arc, which is likely going to be highlighted quite a lot in this part of the story, is going to be explored by Oda to the fullest.

3 Nami

The Straw Hats’ Navigator

Nami during Onigashima Raid in One Piece

The Navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami is a character who always ends up receiving some attention, however, given that she is a part of the East Blue 5 and a core member of the Straw Hat Pirates, she needs more attention than just that.

Nami’s origins, along with her special abilities pertaining to predicting the weather remain a major mystery. This aspect of her character could be explored in the Final Saga, especially if Oda wants to dive deeper into her past.

2 Shanks

The Red-Haired Yonko

shanks one piece characters that might make a move in 2024

Of course, the red-haired Emperor of the Sea, Shanks, is a character that fans need to see more of in the Final Saga. Oda himself said that he was saving Shanks for the Final Saga and now, the time is right for him to show what he can do.

Shanks’ true value will be seen in this saga and fans will most definitely get to see this powerful Emperor strutting his stuff at every opportunity that he gets.

1 Dragon

The Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army

Monkey D. Dragon saves luffy One piece 1102

Luffy’s father, Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army and an individual that fans will inevitably end up seeing a lot of in this part of the story.

Now that the war against the Celestial Dragons has already begun, Dragon is going to be at the forefront of things. He has barely received any major role in the story so far, however, the wait is certainly going to be worth it as now is the time for him to shine.

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