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About to embark on the Need More Friends The Hunt quest? It’s a long one, so it’s time to buckle up, grab a snack, and get started.

Visit the game’s Roblox Page to start the challenge. For more The Hunt content to help you earn every event badge, have a nosey at our DOORS The Hunt walkthrough and our Club Roblox The Hunt guide!

Need More Friends The Hunt

The first step is to find a total of 10 crystals scattered throughout the house. You need these crystals to open up a portal!

Crystal Locations

Luckily they’re not hard to miss as they’re bright purple!

Your Bedroom

  • There is a crystal on the ground at the end of your bed
    • Another crystal can be found in the corner of your room between 2 windows and next to a golden bomb

Bedroom 2

  • Head to the room that is directly opposite to your bedroom to find a crystal in the left corner
    • There’s an extra crystal on the right side of the room next to the bed on the bedside table


  • Walk down the corridor and enter the room on the first right (there’s a chocolate cake on the ground opposite the door) – this takes you into the bathroom!
    • Pick up the crystal next to the toilet
    • Turn around to spot a crystal on the sink opposite the bathtub


  • Head back into the corridor and pick up the crystal on the ground close by to the chocolate cake

Living Room

  • Enter the living room from the corridor to find a crystal on the green rug


  • The kitchen is located in the right corner of the living room, with a crystal on the counter


  • Turn right in the living room entrance and open the door to enter the garage
    • Walk to the front of the car to pick up a crystal on the bonnet

Unlocking the Portal

The portal is located on the left side of the living room by the fireplace. There is a padlock and chains over the portal, which you can remove once you find the 10 crystals – interact with the portal to do so.

The portal will then start to glow, which you can now enter. This teleports you to a mysterious room with larger crystals and an automated door. As you make your way through each area, make sure to walk over the checkpoint symbol on the ground.

Portal Area 1

  • Once you walk through the automated door, you’ll be faced with a short obby
  • Jump across the platforms to reach the other side! It’s easy enough, but just make sure you line up your avatar correctly so you don’t fall the glowing pit…
  • As you reach the other side, walk to the crystal on the left and take note of the number on the wall – remember to collect it!
    • The numbers are different for every player
  • Now you can walk through the next set of automated doors!

Portal Area 2 – The Ocean

This strange room has a clownfish that moves side to side on the wall across a white line. You’ll also spot that there’s a vertical red line in the middle!

  • When the clownfish reaches this red line, and the line turns green, you need to hit the green button in front of you
  • If you manage to time it correctly, you need to repeat this 2 more times to complete the challenge

The hidden number is not in this first oceanic space, so walk through the next set of doors to be taken to an ocean-inspired obby.

  • Complete the obby by jumping across the logs to get to the next area – the hidden number cannot be found in this obby either!

Portal Area 3 – The Desert

The next area is inspired by the desert!

  • Walk ahead to the sign that reads ‘Watch out! Rolling boulders’ and wait for a boulder to go past
    • Use the time between this boulder and the next boulder to take a look at the wall on your right side as you’re facing forward toward the wall – the hidden number is on this wall!
  • Collect the number and wait for the next boulder to roll past, which is when you can then make your way down the tunnel
    • You’ll have to jump into the holes in the wall to avoid boulders as you traverse through
    • Carry on walking forward and take the first exit to the right to find another set of doors

Portal Area 4 – Roads

  • Jump across the grassy platforms to get over the small streams of water and walk over the checkpoint symbol on the ground
  • Turn right to find a number on the wall by the tree!

Now, you need to make it across each road, so keep an eye on the cars – it’s a bit like Crossy Roads. Once you reach the other side, you can walk through the doors to be taken to yet another area!

Portal Area 5 – Lava

  • Walk across the beams and avoid falling into the firey lava below
  • Next, walk down the corridor and make sure to not step on the fire
  • Head to the right and jump across the metal pipes to the next checkpoint
  • Jump across the platform boxes and then jump over the streams of lava
  • Walk between the spikes (or jump over them) to then make your way across even more metal pipes and platforms
  • Once you reach the end of this obby, you can then walk through the doors

Portal Area 6 – Passcode Room

This is where you can use those hidden numbers you found!

  • Before you enter the passcode, head to the room that contains lasers inside
  • Jump over the lasers and do your best to avoid getting spotted by the beams of light on the ground
  • Make your way through this area to find the last number on the wall
  • You then have to make your way back to the passcode box next to the doors!
  • Once you reach the passcode box again, you can type in the numbers that you have found – make sure you type them in the order of colours that are on the wall to the right
  • Click the green tick button to unlock the elevator to be taken to a maze room
  • Complete the maze to get to the next area

Portal Area 7 – Another Obby

There are 2 more obby courses to work through after you complete the maze, which increase in difficulty. Take your time with the second obby, as it features balancing beams and other tricky challenges like moving obstacles.

When you complete the second obby, walk through the doors, down a corridor, and through another set of doors. You’ll then see your ‘parents’ celebrating with confetti, a cake, presents, and a party hat. Put the party hat on to earn your badge!