October 3, 2023

NBA 2K24, the latest installment in the hit sports series from 2K Games, has just released an official trailer for Season 1, showcasing both key gameplay features and Season Pass rewards. The new footage also reveals what level you’ll need to unlock rewards like a Kobe Bryant jersey, a glow in the dark pogo stick, and more.

NBA 2K24 launches onto PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox later this week on September 8th, 2023. You can follow our NBA 2K24 release countdown to play as soon as possible in your region. Today’s Season 1 trailer is available on the NBA 2K YouTube channel:

For the most part, today’s trailer recaps a lot of the basic content that fans are already familiar with, hyping broader gameplay features like MyTEAM and MyCAREER. These are obligatory, but today’s gameplay also showcases some of the cosmetics players can earn, such as a glimpse of the pogo stick.

The end of the trailer gets very specific about the earnable content in Season 1. The pogo stick will require level 39, as if it wasn’t strange enough already.

But the biggest prize will surely be Kobe Bryant’s jersey, since there’s an emphasis on Bryant’s career with features like playable Mamba Moments. Bryant’s Jersey sits at level 36, and NBA 2K24’s Season Pass FAQ page mentions there will be 40 levels to reach. This means that players will nearly have to complete the first season pass altogether to earn Bryant’s jersey.

The amount of time necessary to attain it might be a bit much for some, but at least the Hall of Fame Pass will give players 10 immediate level skips.

Overall, there’s a decent volume of seasonal rewards, and they offer a fair range of teams and players. Hopefully, future seasons will take a few more risks, since this is comparable to any previous game in the series.

You can read more about NBA 2K24 and other titles and updates from 2K Games by checking out the rest of our news section.

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