NBA 2K24 Story: Monumental Dynasty (Washington Wizards)

If I’m picking favorites, I do spend the most time reading through dynasty write-ups in the basketball portion of the Dynasty HQ on the forums. One that I’ve been following as it now nears the end of season one is the Monumental Dynasty from OS user JoshNormanMane.

The added fun for me with this dynasty is my real life belief that Jordan Poole and Kyle Kuzma are the most perfect 1-2 combo of two NBA players just living their best life and not realizing how comical their play is together. It’s sort of like the platonic ideal of who Swaggy P maybe would have ended up becoming in D.C. had he stayed there long enough — he didn’t reach peak meme status until joining the Lakers.

Anyway, the point is that Wizards fans deserve a break. Now, I can’t say they fully got one in year one of this franchise playthrough, but it definitely went better than it’s going for the real Wizards right now. The appeal of this franchise mode story is the care JoshNormanMane is giving to the entire league. There is some light 30-team control at times, and it’s there to make things like the trade deadline a little more exciting while still being realistic.

There are deep recaps for stories around the league, and right now the Conference Finals are going on (spoilers, no the Wiz did not make it) while still building excitement for the NBA Draft to come. Now is a great time to hop in and catch up on this one as it nears its first offseason.