NBA 2K24 Sim Sliders by KingSimKits

NBA 2K24 sliders can be found all over our forums and front page, but there’s always a new batch to try out if you’re still searching for something more, and this time we highlight OS user jkits and his sliders.

What’s nice about these sliders is they span various difficulty levels and give users options based on things they care or do not care about like what sort of shot meter they want to use. KingSimKits also has a YouTube channel where he explains not only his sliders but what the sliders themselves even do.

He’s a thoughtful dude who clearly cares about the mechanics of the game on top of trying to help people find a way to enjoy NBA 2K24 the way they want to. You can find Veteran/Expert/Casual sliders at the thread, and it’s going to depend on your own skill level to maybe tweak a thing or two or figure out what the best difficulty level is in order to enjoy these the most.

I personally have gone with the Expert settings when using these, but it’s all down to personal preference. Here is a look at the general breakdown for each of the levels.

For sure head to the thread if you try out the sliders as jkits is very helpful and responds to most feedback. He’ll also even help explain certain sliders or what to maybe change if something in the gameplay is still bothering you after trying out his sliders.