NBA 2K24 players come together on “bullies” in the Rec mode

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The Rec is an online game mode in which NBA 2K24 players can come together and play with one another, but the only thing the community has been able to “come together” on is the fact that there are too many bullies. One Reddit user shared their frustrations with the game mode and the players they end up with, and the rest of the players chimed in in agreement.

NBA 2K24’s The Rec mode has players frustrated over “bullies”

Reddit u/emolch78 shared to the subreddit that they wanted to adress the Rec’s “bullies”, and provided an epic rant on the players they get matched up with all too frequently. They lamented the fact that one little mistake often leads to frustration on the other player’s part and it makes for a very negative gaming experience.

Image via u/emolch78 on Reddit

They said, “All of a sudden this gamer starts yelling at you through his mic, calling you trash and other names. Well, this is not my job, I don’t get paid for playing NBA 2K24, If you want better gamers with you build a squad or go to ProAm. I know I am average, I know I make some mistakes, I just want to have fun and play the game.”

u/desertsnake12 offered some advice by recommending they play with the party silent or in their own private party, as that’s one way to prevent yourself from hearing the anger from your teammates. They also added, “All I want is for people to try and play team basketball.”

A majority of the players also feel like the community is too quick to punish. Say a Rec player misses the first open shot they take, which can happen no matter how good one is. From that point on, there’s going to be very little action and very few passes thrown their way.

u/301nm said it best, “I only have a problem when people blatantly start causing problems such as: dribbling the clock out/getting doubled and not passing, constantly taking bad shots, 3 sec violations, or just wasting the timeouts. The team shouldn’t suffer because one person is salty.” Unfortunately for many players, this is the reality when they try to play online.

u/longdistamce added to the original complaint, “I just know it’s all types of BS in game chat.” Most players agree that muting everyone else is the best way to go about it. They may not pass to you and you may effectively be removed from the game, but that’s not as bad as being talked to by the opponents who are mad.

That’s all for the NBA 2K24 Rec bullies, but be sure to check out our full list of locker codes, Season 3’s rewards, and the latest player ratings update.