NBA 2K24 1995-1996 Scenario From illuke55

One of the perks of MyNBA Eras is that you can then create sub-eras of sorts and create scenarios in NBA 2K24 that split the difference. One of these scenarios is the 1995-1996 season from OS user illuke55.

The big thing to note here is it’s a Scenario not a roster. What that means is you’re downloading a whole MyNBA setup more or less and going from there. It takes a lot of the legwork out of things if you just want an actual franchise setup rather than just the roster itself.

The 1995-96 season is of course most famous for the Bulls going 72-10, but the big story going into that year was the expansion to Toronto and Vancouver. It’s a fun season to take control because obviously you can try to unseat the Bulls, or you can think about how you would have started a new franchise in the mid-90s to try and compete once the Bulls started to lose steam.

On top of that, illuke55 has done other Scenarios people really appreciate, so you know you’re getting something that will be accurate and worth scoping out.

NBA 2K24 1995-1996 Scenario

In the Scenarios:

  • ID/PSN: illuke55
  • Name/Title: 1995-1196 Season Start

(Again, things are not tied to one console or another anymore on NBA 2K24, so you should be able to find this on multiple platforms.)

While we usually focus on rosters and everything, I actually think Scenarios are one of the better ways to get involved with checking out some of this stuff in NBA 2K because it takes even more guesswork out of things for you as someone else can basically create most of your league setup for you. If you’ve never tried one out before, this is a good place to start.