NBA 2K24 1994-95 Scenario From inbar17

The power of Scenarios in NBA 2K24 is that you can curate the experience even further and allow folks to jump right in to a franchise mode experience, and that’s what OS user inbar17 has done with this 1994-95 scenario.

Scenarios go a step beyond rosters because you can add more things into the experience and explain less. The issue is they’re tied to that MyEras/franchise mode but a lot of the time we’re getting these rosters for that experience anyway.

So what’s been done here is more than just a roster update. Here, inbar17 has updated uniforms, contracts, accessories, shoes, courts/arenas (with updated ad boards for the era!), and on it goes. It’s a truly impressive and talented showing from a talented creator — and clearly a lover of mid-90s hoops.

(If you need a quick reminder about the 1994-95 season, it’s the one where the Rockets stomp the Magic in the NBA Finals — after the free throws — and Jordan makes a late comeback from his baseball hiatus.)

NBA 2K24 1994-95 Roster And Scenario

How to download:

Name: NBA – DREAM ERA (1994)
Gamertag: Inbar2

This scenario starts at the beginning of the 1994 season, with players like Clyde Drexler and Tom Gugliotta on their original teams (though I did make the Webber-Bullets trade occur to start the season off fairly accurately). I also attempted to ensure the correct All-NBA Teams, All-Star Teams, Award Winners, and Champions for each of the seasons between 1991 and 1994. Michael Jordan should arrive back in the league around the same time he did in real life.

I worked on the roster further as I progressed through the seasons, with updates to shoes, ratings, and signatures — not to mention added contracts, coaches, and general managers. I wasn’t able for whatever reason to change the salary gap, so the salaries are still pro-rated to what they would’ve been in real life.

The teams should be updated with the scenario, but if not, uniform, arena, court, and scoreboard advertisement updates can be found under my gamertag: Inbar2.

Things that were edited/completed include:

  • Players (Cyberfaces when could be found, CAP for all else).
  • Free Agents
  • Contracts (Because the salary cap in the 1992 season is much different than 1995, I prorated the contracts to be inline with the ’92 cap. For example, Robinson was the highest paid player in the league in ’95, thus he makes $3.13 million in game. Every other contract is based on this).
  • Accessories
  • Shoes
  • Signature Shots (I worked on many of these, especially proud of the Penny Hardaway/Larry Johnson shots).
  • Coaches (Where at all possible).
  • Uniforms
  • Courts/Arenas
  • Ads (I tried to make as many period-appropriate ads as possible).

Courts that were adjusted:

  • 76ers (Uniform, Floor, Arena)
  • Bucks (Uniform, Floor, Arena)
  • Bullets (Floor, Arena)
  • Bulls (Uniform, Floor, Arena)
  • Cavs (Uniform, Floor, Arena)
  • Celtics (Arena)
  • Clippers (Arena)
  • Hawks (Uniform, Arena)
  • Heat (Floor, Arena)
  • Hornets (Floor, Arena)
  • Kings (Uniform, Floor, Arena)
  • Knicks (Uniform, Floor)
  • Lakers (Floor)
  • Mavericks (Uniform, Floor, Arena)
  • Nets (Arena)
  • Nuggets (Uniform, Floor, Arena)
  • Pacers (Arena)
  • Pistons (Arena)
  • Rockets (Arena)
  • Spurs (Floor, Arena)
  • Suns (Uniform, Floor, Arena)
  • SuperSonics (Floor, Arena)
  • Timberwolves (Arena)
  • Trail Blazers (Arena)
  • Warriors (Floor)