NBA 2K23: All Rap Line Answers For PhD Monk & Bas In The It’s a Cole World Quest

MyCareer in NBA 2K23 will take you to a lot of odd places, including the rap studio. As part of building a strong music brand, your character will be tasked with meeting and working with real rappers to try their hand at making music.

But to do that, you’ll need to go on a hunt and find certain people. And, you’ll need to drop certain lines to advance. So, what are the answers to the “It’s a Cole World” quest? Let’s go over what you need to know. Here’s what you need to know about all of the rap lines answers for PhD Monk and Bas that you need to know for the Cole World quest.

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Rap Battle with Lil’ Mettle answers

The first few raps in the quest do not have a specific set of correct answers, but this one does. Once you get to the rap battle at Rita’s, you will come across rapper Lil’ Mettle.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here are the answers to this rap:

  • Got a little shine now you frontin’ or something
  • You are not the type that these other playas are idolize
  • And if you’re hoopin, you’re doo doo I’m poop scoopin’
  • Hope it doesn’t rain, since I caved the roof in
  • I’mma pull up in your face like I know your addy
  • I know you seen me skate I got nothin’ but decks

The Dreamer Court PhD Monk answers

Next, you will need to head over to the Dreamer Court to record sounds for the character known as PhD Monk. The “sounds”, however, are secondary for the first part. Instead, the first portion included teaming up with J. Cole in a 3v3 game at the private Dreamer Court.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Then, head to the nearby studio — but not the Dreamville Studio — to meet PhD Monk and bring him the sounds. From there, you will head into the studio and begin your rap.

These are all of the answers that can work for this portion of the Cole World quest in NBA 2K23:

  • Wherever, wherever. Soon as I touch the leather
  • Like your kindergarten teacher, I’m giving L’s for free
  • And I’mma take the rock like I went in the man’s wallet
  • Crazy how we laced-up for the hall of shame
  • And don’t mumble it’s a concrete jungle
  • I call a iso, then I put the icing on
  • Take off from a free throw, take off the durag
  • Cross-over, half-spin, hit ’em with the hop skip
  • How you going to stop this nah how you gonna top this?
  • 2K, who you’re dealing with, you know I’m a savage
  • The rock ain’t safe. I’ll take the money out of your dresser
  • You know who I am, I’m a national treasure

Bas at Dreamville answers

The last part of this quest is meeting Bas at Dreamville Studio for another round.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Many players in the NBA 2K23 community have shared the answers they’ve used, and these are all the ones that will work for this portion of the quest:

  • Leave ’em frozen when I pull up for the jumper
  • It’s the playoffs, play y’all? Y’all beginners
  • My arm in the rim look at shorty below
  • Like Dr. J’s afro you getting blowed out
  • “Smile for the camera” chill? Yeah, no doubt
  • This that rolling down the window on the flight feel…NEXT!