Naruto’s Best Feats In The Ninja War, Ranked


  • Naruto reached unprecedented levels of power in the Fourth Great Ninja War, beating reanimated Kage with his shadow clones.
  • He shared chakra with the entire Shinobi Alliance, offering them strength boosts against overwhelming enemies.
  • Naruto surpassed all limits, saving dying people, reviving lost organs, and possessing Truth Seeking Orbs to erase matter.

Naruto Uzumaki reached unprecedented levels of power in the Fourth Great Ninja War, and fans saw quite a lot of his amazing abilities being taken to an entirely new level in this segment of the story.


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Given that the Fourth Great Ninja War marked the conclusion to the Naruto series, this fight saw Naruto at the pinnacle of his powers, at least when it comes to the original series. Naruto managed to do things that the average Shinobi can’t even comprehend in this arc, and he truly became a man worthy of becoming the Hokage of the village, by not just protecting his own village, but also saving the entire world.

10 Defeated Reanimated Kage With Shadow Clones

Naruto Beat Ay and Mu

Mu the 2nd Tsuchikage resurrected during Naruto's 4th Great Ninja War

One of the incredibly amazing things that Naruto managed in the 4th Great Ninja War was to beat the reanimated Kage with his shadow clones.

These reanimated Kage were strong enough to crush entire battalions by themselves. Naruto beating them with one of his shadow clones just goes to show the level of strength that he was at in the 4th Great Ninja War.

9 Shared Chakra With Entire Shinobi Alliance

Naruto Gave Version 1 Cloaks To Everyone

Naruto Uzumaki speech

Naruto Uzumaki worked flawlessly with the Shinobi Alliance in the Ninja War, and his chakra control was at its absolute best in the segment of the story. Naruto managed to share his chakra with every single person in the Shinobi Alliance, protecting them from the onslaught of the 10 Tails, and also offering them an incredible strength boost.

He managed to do this all the while having enough chakra for himself to fight against the likes of the 10 Tails, Obito, and Madara, which is nothing short of spectacular.

8 Could Perceive Limbo

Naruto Sealed Madara’s Limbo

Madara's Limbo Clones

Naruto Uzumaki, upon awakening the Six Paths Powers, was able to perceive the powers of Limbo itself.

This power existed in an entirely different plane, yet, Naruto had enough mastery of his abilities to not just see them, but also beat them, which was quite impressive.

7 Could Evade Light Speed Attacks

Naruto Evaded Light Fang

Madara Uses Lightning Fang

In terms of speed, Naruto managed to reach a level where he could react to as well as evade light-speed attacks, which is spectacular. When Madara attacked him with Light Fang, Naruto evaded this ray of light that traveled incredibly fast at him.

This just went to show that Naruto could react and dodge lightspeed attacks as if there were nothing, and this is a testament to his incredible speed as well.

6 Revitalizing Dying People

Naruto Saved Might Guy And Obito

Naruto Saves Might Guy

If reaching the pinnacle of strength wasn’t enough, Naruto took things a level beyond by being capable enough to save dying people. Naruto could easily revitalize the dying life force of someone, as seen when he was able to save Might Guy’s life using some seal from Shukaku, and, at the same time, Yang release.

Normally, Guy should have died after using the power of the Eight Inner Gates, but Naruto saved his life.

5 Bring Back Lost Organs

Naruto Restored Kakashi’s Eye

Kakashi's Sharingan Eye

Naruto surpassed all limits of what medical ninjutsu could do in the 4th Great Ninja War. With the power of Yin Yang Release, he was able to heal lost organs.


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He used this power on Kakashi, and brought back his lost eye, even though he himself didn’t understand how he was able to do it.

4 Could Erase Matter

Naruto Possessed Truth Seeking Orbs

Naruto and Sasuke

With the power of the Truth Seeking Balls, Naruto could use the ability to destroy matter itself. The Truth Seeking Balls are an incredibly destructive power that surpass even Dust Release.

The fact that Naruto had nine of these with him meant that he could essentially erase all matter itself, and being able to utilize this power to the best of his abilities is certainly an amazing feat.

3 Amassed Enough Sage Energy To Match The Amp Of 9 Tailed Beasts

Naruto Matched Sasuke’s Indra’s Arrow

Indra's Arrow

As a Sage, none can come close to Naruto Uzumaki. In the 4th Great Ninja War, when he fought Sasuke towards the very end, Naruto utilized the shadow clones of Kurama to amass sage energy.

In fact, he managed to amass so much sage energy in just a few minutes that he could match Sasuke’s humanoid Susanoo, which was amped by the power of the nine Tailed Beasts. This is, by far, the greatest Senjutsu feat that fans have seen in Naruto.

2 Overpowered Kaguya With Unrivaled Strength

Naruto Used Boil Release

Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya was certainly the strongest individual in the Naruto series. Her power surpassed that of any other antagonist that came before him. In terms of physical strength, Kaguya could not be matched by many, however, Naruto made that possible, when he utilized the power of Boil Release: Unrivaled Strength to push his powers to the next level.

Using this Kekkei Genkai, Naruto not only pushed back against her, but also managed to overpower her momentarily, which was an incredible feat.

1 Defeated Sasuke Despite Being At A Disadvantage

Naruto Beat Sasuke At The Valley Of The End


By far, the biggest feat of Naruto Uzumaki in the entire series was to be able to defeat Sasuke despite being at a big disadvantage. In the final war, Naruto only had half of Kurama inside himself. On the other hand, Sasuke had the power of all nine Tailed Beasts, which included the other half of Kurama, and, on top of that, he wasn’t nearly as exhausted as Naruto.

Furthermore, Sasuke actively tried to kill Naruto, while Naruto was trying to avoid killing Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke was not able to defeat him in combat, and Naruto actually managed to clinch victory, which not only goes to show resourcefulness but also that Naruto was on an entirely different level in this war despite not being a full strength.




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