Naraka: Bladepoint will be updated with tonnes of content next year, as revealed during Naraka Fest 2023

NetEase Games recently held Naraka Fest, which featured loads of information about Naraka: Bladepoint and content being released shortly. Fans were in for several surprises as a collaboration was announced with Gundam creator Kunio Okawara alongside the addition of a new hero, weapon, and a project inspired by martial arts.

Naraka: Bladepoint has been doing very well as a melee battle royale, recently hitting a 40 million player base as well. Fans can now look forward to an epic collab event with the mind behind Gundam, which is an even more popular franchise. Kunio Okawara revealed Yueshan, who is a mecha created exclusively for Bladepoint. It will be available in summer 2024, with an actual model kit as well.

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This event will be followed by the addition of a brand new hero, Shayoi Wei. She is the governor of the Golden Keepers of Icuria and was featured on the first official poster of the game. Shayoi Wei will finally join the title early next year as a formidable crime fighter who’s determined to maintain order. She wields a Vortex Shield that finds use in both defensive and offensive situations.


Besides the Vortex Shield, an even more powerful weapon will be gracing the game. Called the Heng Sword, it was first seen in the J-Cup World Championship finals. It is a traditional Chinese weapon that must be used with power and grace. It may feel similar to the katana, but its performance and moveset are vastly different.

Finally, the event showcased the studio’s latest project, Martial Infinity. NetEase brought together a tonne of professional martial artists who assisted in motion capture and creative design to create a stunning set of hero and weapon cosmetics. The upcoming set will include five ink-wash Souljades inspired by the elements.

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