Mysteries From BotW That Tears Of The Kingdom Answered


  • Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom reveals the founders of Hyrule, King Rauru and Queen Sonia, who unified all tribes in the land.
  • The game delves into the mysterious Zonai Tribe, who descended from the gods and had advanced technology.
  • Tears of the Kingdom explains that each race in Hyrule had its own Champion and Divine Beast to protect the land from a bigger threat.

After waiting for over six years, fans of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are finally able to play its anticipated sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. While Nintendo’s new offering has been endlessly praised because of its mechanics, its content, and its presentation, there’s something that the most dedicated fans have been eagerly waiting for – answers.


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Breath of the Wild featured a brand-new timeline for the franchise, in a new version of Hyrule that was filled to the brim with intriguing mysteries about the lore, characters, and world. Fans have been theorizing about all these unsolved questions for years and, luckily for them, Tears of the Kingdom has now answered some of the bigger ones.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

1 Who Were The Founders Of Hyrule?

King Rauru & Queen Sonia

Queen Sonia and King Rauru find a time travelling Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom

In Breath of the Wild, it was stated that Princess Zelda is part of the royal family that has ruled and protected the land of Hyrule for centuries. The burning question that arose from this was: Where did exactly this royal lineage come from? And why was their tribe chosen to rule Hyrule over the other ones?

In Tears of the Kingdom, Zelda travels back in time and meets her ancestors: King Rauru and Queen Sonia. This couple of a Zonai and a Hylian were the founders of the kingdom of Hyrule and unified all the tribes in the land to coexist in peace. This was a major lore revelation that explained a lot about the world established in the previous game.

2 Who Were The Zonai?

The Descendants Of The Gods

An Ancient Zonai Ruin in BOTW and Mineru the Zonai in TOTK.

The mysterious Zonai Tribe is mentioned a few times throughout Breath of the Wild. While some players may have missed these mentions at first, the fate of this lost civilization has been one of the biggest mysteries of that game, and fans were excited to see if its sequel was going to reveal more about them.

Tears of the Kingdom did not just explain what the Zonai Tribe was, but they were a big part of this game’s story. King Rauru himself is a Zonai, as they were a civilization that came to the earth from the sky, had advanced technology, and are said to be descendants of the gods themselves. Interestingly enough, they seem to have no relation with the mysterious Barbarian Tribe, even though most fans used to believe they were the same.

3 Why Did Each Race Get A Divine Beast?

The Fate Of The Six Sages

Divine Beast Vah Ruta in BOTW, and the Zora Sage in TOTK.

As previously mentioned, Hyrule consists of several races, aside from the Hylians and Zonai: Gorons, Gerudos, Rito, Zora, etc. So a complex plot point has existed within the community: Why did every race in the kingdom have its own Champion and Divine Beast? And why were they specifically chosen to protect the land?


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The flashbacks in Tears of the Kingdom shed some light on this matter, as it’s explained that King Rauru bestowed Secret Stones to six different sages, each one of a different race, to defeat Ganondorf. This confirmed that all the races in Hyrule joined forces to face a bigger threat. What’s especially interesting is that each sage wore a mask that had the same design as their respective Divine Beast.

4 Why Are There Dragons Roaming Through Hyrule?

The Process Of DraconificationNaydra the dragon in BOTW and Zelda going through the process of Draconification in TOTK.

In Breath of the Wild, three different dragons can be found roaming around the skies of Hyrule. Known as Dinraal, Farosh, and Naydra, these creatures remained a huge mystery in that adventure, seeing as the game itself barely mentioned them and never really explained where they came from.

Weirdly enough, Tears of the Kingdom did not explain the origins of these dragons either, but it did confirm where dragons in general come from. When someone ingests a Secret Stone, their body goes through a transformation known as Draconification in which they turn into a huge dragon, similar to Dinraal, Farosh, and Naydra. Both Princess Zelda and Ganondorf are seen going through this process, so it’s not too far out to believe that the roaming dragons spawned in the same way.

5 What’s Underneath Hyrule?

Unraveling The Depths

The Yiga Hideout Pit in BOTW and Master Kohga inside The Depths in TOTK.

When Link had to face Master Kohga back in Breath of the Wild, the confrontation ended with the leader of the Yiga Clan accidentally throwing himself through a big hole in the ground. Although this was done with comedic intent, a lot of people kept wondering: Where did Koha go? Is there somewhere to go underground? Two questions were later answered with the introduction of The Depths in Tears of the Kingdom.


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The sequel revealed that there’s an entire underground system underneath the land of Hyrule. Brimming with deep darkness, fearsome monsters, and gloom puddles, this ended up being one of the biggest sections to explore in the game. Master Kohga even managed to find Zonai technology in the Depths and created a brand-new base for the Yiga Clan in this location, tying with the hint set up in the previous title.

6 Who Was Ganondorf?

The Demon KingCalamity Ganon in BOTW and Demon King Ganondorf in TOTK.

The main antagonist of Breath of the Wild is Calamity Ganon, an abstract entity made up of darkness and evil. Because of its properties and pig-like appearance, fans immediately made a connection with longtime Zelda villain Ganondorf, especially after the cutscene in which Urbosa mentioned how Ganon used to be a Gerudo who was precisely named Ganondorf. So, who exactly was this character? How did he create a being as evil and powerful as Calamity Ganon?

The story of Tears of the Kingdom revolves around Ganondorf and the time he tried to conquer all of Hyrule. Known as the Demon King, he was a power-hungry Gerudo wizard who wielded dark magic known as Gloom and had control over the monsters of the land. And, while King Rauru managed to seal him underneath Hyrule Castle, it is implied that all of his hatred spawned in the form of Calamity Ganon, which eventually gave Rauru’s descendants a lot of trouble as well. This not only revealed the identity of the mysterious villain but also gave a clear explanation of where the previous game’s antagonist came from.