My Time at Sandrock Update 1.2 Brings New Romantic Options, Endgame Content, and More

Pathea Games has released My Time at Sandrock update 1.2, also known as the New Year, Better Me update.

Per the game’s 2024 roadmap, this update adds new content linked to romances, as well as a brand new challenging endgame dungeon and more.

First up, the update adds “a plethora of Kickstarter backer co-designed content”, including quests, weapons, and hairstyles. In particular, the gaming keyboard-inspired sword is something to behold.

Take that, membrane keyboard users.

Other changes include “new play/date activities” to enjoy after the Catori World opening ceremony, as well as a post-marriage cooking system that lets you “savor delicious dishes prepared by your beloved”.

The new challenge dungeon can be found in Lab 7, and it gives you the chance to test out your combat skills, if that’s the part of the game you’re most interested in.

You’ll need to battle waves of monsters, but you can save and exit whenever you want. The dungeon will remember your last location, allowing you to pick up where you left off, according to Pathea.

As well as major content changes, New Year, Better Me also includes several in-game optimizations, including a new dynamic factory queue limit, new gift-giving UI effects, and more.

These come alongside a plethora of bug fixes and tweaks, all of which should go towards making your My Time at Sandrock experience a smoother one.

Make sure to take a look at the full My Time at Sandrock update 1.2 patch notes on Steam if you want to know everything that’s changed.

My Time at Sandrock is developer Pathea Games’ sequel to My Time at Portia. It was released in November, having been in Early Access for almost a year and a half prior to its full launch.

The game is available right now on PC via Steam, as well as PlayStation 5, Xbox consoles, and Nintendo Switch. Our very own Courtney was hugely impressed by the game, citing its excellent main plot and “variety of great systems”.

If you’ve picked it up and want to know how best to get started, we’ve got a wealth of My Time at Sandrock guides to send you on your way!

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