My Hero Academia: Best All Might Achievements


  • All Might’s encounter with Midoriya set the story of My Hero Academia in motion, as he recruited and trained him to become the next greatest hero in Japan.
  • All Might’s presence strikes fear in the minds of villains, making them think twice before committing crimes.
  • All Might’s status as the Symbol of Peace and his achievements as the number one hero in Japan make him a respected and admired figure in the My Hero Academia world.

My Hero Academia would not be the same without the presence of Yagi Toshimori, who fans all know as All Might. All Might’s actions set the plot of this anime in motion. His encounter with Izuku Midoriya is where the story officially begins, because without All Might, Midoriya would not be in the process of becoming the greatest hero in Japan. In addition, All Might’s mere presence puts fear in the minds of villains, as some of them would prefer to act right than face the wrath of All Might.


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As Midoriya is on the road to becoming the greatest hero in My Hero Academia, some fans cannot deny the importance of All Might in making this happen. Fans also take notice of some of All Might’s greatest achievements. It was even one of these achievements, surviving against All For One, that forced All Might to retire early.

6 All Might Recruited Izuku Midoriya

Master-Student Encounter

All Might and Izuku Midoriya

One of All Might’s achievements is finding Midoriya and training him to become his successor. All Might turned the quirkless life of Midoriya around by passing down the One For All quirk to him, giving him the opportunity to chase his dreams of becoming a hero; and not just any hero, the greatest hero in Japan.

Before Midoriya, All Might was ready to use Mirio Togata, also known as Lemillion, as his successor, and even though Lemillion is a good candidate, he just cannot come close to Midoriya. The drive Midoriya has is second to none, as he is willing to do everything he can to master One For All and save people from danger.

5 All Might Became The Number One Hero In Japan

The Symbol Of Peace

All Might as a symbol of peace

Becoming a hero is one thing, but becoming the number one hero in Japan is on a whole other level. Yet, All Might was able to achieve and maintain this status. Even though he is now out of the game, his presence still puts fear in the minds of some villains.

Being the number one hero shows how much of a force All Might was during his prime. A single punch could render his opponent useless and give him an advantage against them. During his prime, All Might’s catchphrase was “I am here.” This phrase shows how much All Might dedicates himself to being a hero and being the number one hero in Japan was an achievement he truly deserved.

4 All Might Became The Symbol Of Peace

Number One

All Might

Being the number one hero was just not enough to capture the entirety of All Might, and with his dedication to being a hero, he also attained the status of the Symbol of Peace. His whole persona resisted chaos, and he made sure to put away every villain that threatened the peace of Japan.


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When he knew he had to retire, All Might was sad, but he had to make sure his retirement would not bring chaos to society. He hid his weak body from the public because he knew how much that would damage the reputation he had, and villains would ride on the opportunity. He made sure to put his affairs in order by finding the next hero that would take his place, which he did. Being the symbol of peace is no joke, and All Might holds this status with the utmost dignity and respect. Being the Symbol of Peace is a great achievement that no hero in My Hero Academia has ever achieved.

3 All Might Held One For All For 40 Years

The Blessing And Curse

My Hero Academia One For All Predecessors users

Some previous owners of One For All lived quite a short life because of the physical strain the quirk has on the human body. One For All is a combination of multiple quirks, and having one quirk is more than enough strain on the body.

What All Might lacked that the previous owners had was a quirk, and this is what ultimately saved him from living a short life. Not having a quirk in the My Hero Academia world is more of a curse than a blessing, but for All Might, it was a blessing. It is because he did not have a quirk that he was able to hold on to One For All for longer than anyone else: 40 years. He was also smart enough to understand the advantage he had from not having a quirk, and this is what made him choose Midoriya over Lemillion as his successor.

2 All Might Is Arguably The ‘Perfect’ Wielder Of One For All

The Ideal Hero

All Might (2)

Other than the fact that he was quirkless, which gave him an edge, All Might was also in peak physical condition. He had remarkable stamina and muscles, which made him the powerful hero that most people in the My Hero Academia world love and adore.


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His muscular image is what even makes him a worthy symbol of peace, as he looks like a strong hero who can take on any opponent without stress. It is not easy to build muscles, as fans saw Midoriya struggle with it for months after getting the One For All quirk from All Might. It is indeed an achievement to build muscles, especially when the muscles are put to good use, as All Might did.

1 All Might Fought All For One and Defeated Him Twice

Courage In The Face Of Absolute Evil

The Attack On U.A. By Shigaraki Diminished All Might's Reserve Of One For All

Most heroes that fight with All For One never live to tell the tale, and if they do, they would tell it without their quirk. All For One is notorious for killing heroes and stealing their quirks, but All Might has been able to come face-to-face with him without dying or losing his quirk.

Unfortunately, one of his fights with All For One left a hole in his chest that destroyed half of his respiratory organs. This hole forces All Might to retire, as he is not in peak physical condition and cannot fight like he used to. Regardless, it is still an achievement to fight against All For One and survive.