MW3 Season 2 Roadmap – All new modes, maps, weapons, and events

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With the new Season 2 of MW3 comes the MW3 Season 2 Roadmap. There is plenty of new content coming to the game, and fans are eager to dive in and play with everything new.

Season 2 is sure to keep players entertained, with tons of new content being released, and more to come. There are new weapons to compete with the best weapons in MW3, new modes, new maps to add to the roster, and more. Even with plenty of content being released at launch, there’s even more to come in-season. We’re here to give you the full roadmap for Season 2 of MW3, so you can know everything that’s new and everything that’s coming.

Season 2 Roadmap for MW3

The kick-off for Season 2 of MW3 is Wednesday, February 7, 2024, and players can expect tons of new content to be added right at the start, from new weapons to new game modes.

Image via Activision

MW3 Season 2 new weapons

Here are all the new weapons being added in Season 2:

  • BP50 Assault Rifle (Battle Pass)
  • RAM-9 Submachine Gun (Battle Pass)
  • SOA Subverter Battle Rifle (Available in-season, Weekly Challenges)
  • Soulrender Melee Weapon (Available in-season)

There are also new aftermarket parts to get:

  • JAK Burnout (Holger 26, Battle Pass)
  • JAK Tyrant 762 Kit (Longbow, Weekly Challenge)
  • JAK Backsaw Kit (Holger 556, Weekly Challenge)
  • JAK Limb Ripper (Attachment, Weekly Challenge)
  • JAK Maglift Kit (Haymaker, Weekly Challenge)
  • JAK Outlaw-277 Kit (BAS-B, Weekly Challenge)
  • JAK Glassless Optic (Attachment, Weekly Challenge)

Along with the new weapons and aftermarket parts also comes a new vest perk:

  • Ninja Vest
    • Eliminate footstep sounds.
    • Immune to movement reduction effects.
    • Bonus Shuriken and Throwing Knife ammo.
    • Resupply Shuriken and Throwing Knives every 25 seconds.

MW3 Season 2 new maps

Here are all the new maps being added in Season 2:

  • Stash House (6v6, available at launch)
  • Vista (6v6, available at launch)
  • Departures (6v6, available at launch)
  • Das House (6v6, available in-season)
  • Skidgrow (Variant, available in-season)
  • Airborne (Variant, available in-season)

There is also a new War Mode map, Operation Tin Man. This will take you through a linear experience, where you begin on the top of a skyscraper and navigate a construction site.

MW3 new operators

Rick Grimes as he appears in MW3
Image via Activision

Here are the new operators coming with Season 2:

  • Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead (Battle Pass)
  • Kate Laswell (Battle Pass)
  • John Doe (BlackCell Pass)
  • Michonne from The Walking Dead (available in-season)

MW3 Season 2 new modes

Here is a complete list of all the new modes coming with Season 2 of MW3:

  • Hordepoint (available at launch)
  • Team Gun Game (available at launch)
  • Snipers Only (available in-season)
  • Juggermosh (available in-season)
  • Bounty (available in-season)

MW3 Season 2 all events

Soldiers fighting off zombies in MW3
Image via Activision

Here are all the events coming to MW3 during Season 2:

  • Horde Hunt
  • Year of the Dragon (in-season)
  • Cryptid Bootcamp (in-season)
  • The Walking Dead: Fear the Living (in-season)
  • Vortex: Decay’s Realm (in-season)
  • Dune: Rule of Fate (in-season)

What else is coming in Season 2 of MW3?

Beyond all the new modes, maps, operators, events, and more, players can also look forward to several other additions coming in-season. These include a new story mission, new schematics, a new Dark Aether Rift, and a new warlord, Keres.

All of these additions will be coming later in Season 2.