MTG’s Deep Clue Sea precon Commander deck hits lowest price ahead of Fallout launch

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Magic: The Gathering’s preconstructed Commander decks have been getting far better recently, notably those in the Murders at Karlov Manor set. Now that we’re approaching the launch of the Fallout Universes Beyond collaboration, the Deep Clue Sea precon has hit its lowest ever price.

Available at a discount of 18%, the preconstructed decks happens to be one of the Murders at Karlov Manor precons we’re most excited to share with you. While the set has been with us since early February already, it’s impressed massively with its vastly improved precon selection which, we’ve seen since the Ixalan sets were released. It’s a great chance to make some savings on an enticing precon ahead of the Fallout MTG release next week.

Magic: The Gathering Murders at Karlov Manor Commander Deck – Deep Clue Sea

Magic the gathering deep clue commander booster box available for Auto Draft.
A man with a sword stands in front of a group of people as MTG's Deep Clue Sea precon Commander deck hits lowest price.
(Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast)

The rest of the Murders at Karlov Manor Commander deck are available for an equally discounted price, with 24% having been knocked off their price too. Magic has long been in need of a revamp of its best preconstructed Commander decks, with many featuring boring reprints and revamps of previous decks. Now though, things have changed for the better, and the Fallout MTG cards are looking just as exciting.

Lock in your orders for the Deep Clue Sea Commander deck before you get all wrapped up in the Fallout release in early March.